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Real Car Tips (250) Expert Tips and Tricks


Real car tips video from people who have been taking care of cars for many years.

Nothing like getting 250 Real Car Tips from a professional to show you the proper way around your car.

250 Professional Real Car Tips

250 Real Car Tips & Tricks From The Experts - Car Lover Tips Pin

The gus from Mighty Car Mods Automotive Youtube channel bring you 250 car tips that will help you with your car.

These car tips cover a wide variety of car topics ranging from.

  • DIY CAR Tips
  • How to Refuel a Car Tips
  • Car Fuel Filter Cleaning Tips
  • Tire Pressure Car Tips
  • Car Safety Tips
  • Getting Cheaper Car Parts Tip
  • Tips to Keep Your Car Cool
  • Hollywood Style Burnout Tips
  • Some Automotive Myths Debunked
  • Checking Your Oil Car Tips
  • Clean Oil Spill Tips
  • Extend Battery Life Tips
  • Car Comfort Tips
  • Interior Car Tips
  • Vinyl Car Wrap Tips
  • More Car Speed Tips
  • Car Parking Tips
  • Protecting Your Car Tips
  • Car Wash Tips
  • Changing Oil Tips
  • Adding Car Gadget Tips
  • Push Button Start Tip
  • DIY Workbench Tips
  • Getting Your Car Painted Tips
  • Super Glue Car Tips
  • Car Warranty Tips
  • Car Exhaust Tips
  • Fixing Car Dent Tip
  • Factory Seat Replacement Tip
  • Power Tools Safety Tips
  • Adding Fender Flares Car Tips
  • Wrapping Car Tips
  • Nitrous Real Car Tips
  • Car Tips and Tricks
  • Tips for Buying a Used Car
  • More Car Buying Tips

You Can Read more about all of these great real car tips below.

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Of course, we could not list all 250 Car Tips so we just added one subtitle for every minute mark.

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250 Car Tips Tricks And Hacks

250 Car Tricks, Hacks, and Tips These auto hacks will instantly improve your driving experience, whether you’re planning a road trip or simply want to make your everyday commute less of a burden.

[00:00:00] In this massive episode of Mighty Car Mods we’ve got over 250 hints tips and DIY hacks for you, and your mod car.

So let’s just jump right into it. The first step, of course, is to join millions of people from all around the world, by subscribing to Mighty Car Mods.

We’ve got hundreds of videos of DIY Car Projects battles and Automotive Adventures.

We’ve been making videos on YouTube for over 10 years, so there is heaps to catch up on if you’re new to the channel.

So smash that subscribe button for regular Automotive Videos for your eyeballs and your earballs and now let’s kick into the tips.

A really easy way of giving your car. A more aggressive look is by adding a lip kit.

These simply bolt under the factory bumper and trick the eye into thinking, the car is lower than it really is.

If you want to do the same thing, but on a budget, you can do it for around Ten bucks using plastic garden edging.

Unroll a length along with the bumper and then clamp it on and drill holes, using rivets to hold it in place. [00:00:59] 

DIY Car Tips

DIY Car Tips Car Lover Tips

DIY Car Advice. I’m getting better at handling chores that I used to pay specialists to perform as part of my effort to live a more economical life.

Aside from home improvement tasks, I’ve discovered that doing some auto repairs and upkeep myself may save me a lot of money.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not an expert in automobiles. I’m not even a mechanically inclined individual.

But I’ve discovered the types of repairs that almost anyone can do fast and cheaply for a little cost.

I’ve chosen to keep my car rather than sell it, so by taking care of these repairs myself, I’ve saved a lot of money over the years.

[00:01:00] You can color the rivets black for a stealth look and this is a solid result for just a few bucks.

Intercoolers get hot, but you can cool them down by spraying them with water.

The cheapest, and easiest way to DIY this is to get yourself a precious brand meant for weeds and some rubber hose and rig it up to your car.

It helps to have a mate pump it up for you when required.

You can easily make an emergency adjustable spanner with just a bolt and Two Nuts.

This one, his captive, you put another nut on the other end.

You adjust it just like you would with any other spanner and then you have a properly working and adjustable spanner.

Fake turbo whistles – don’t sound anything like a turbo.

Just don’t forget to tighten the locknut real blow-off sound more like absolute ***.

But what if you want an actual real blow-off valve sound?

Well, this company makes an electronic one that’s triggered by a switch under the accelerator and it sounds pretty legit.

Not… We’ve actually been able to easily run a real blow-off valve on a Non-Turbo car by adding a portable air compressor to some pipe and a switch. [00:01:59]

How to Refuel a Car Tips

Every vehicle requires refueling at some point. As a result, all automobile owners must know how to securely refuel their vehicle anytime it is needed.

Refueling is usually done at service stations, thus automobile owners must observe some safety precautions and follow some safety advice to avoid accidents.

[00:02:00] It’s so good you can even rig it up on a bike for Wuxi gear changes.

If you’ve hired a car or borrowed someone’s car and you don’t know which side to fill up on.

Fire Extinguisher
(Find One In Amazon)

Usually, the fuel gauge will have a little arrow that points to which side the fuel caps are on.

But the other thing to note is, you don’t need to go in a big long line.

If you get to the fuel station, everybody’s on the side you want.

Most fuel Bowser’s will reach to both sides of the car.

So you can park on this side and stretch it over from the other side.

With your in the four-wheel driving, or you’ve got a track car, you should always have a fire extinguisher onboard.

Make sure you have one designed for automotive use.

We’ve bolted hours to the floor using nuts bolts in a place that’s easy to grab in an emergency.

The best tools for cleaning the inside of your car. One is a vacuum cleaner, the other one is compressed air.

It allows you to blow all the crap out of the creases and crevices, and then you can vacuum it up.

I want all the time when people are cleaning their cars they neglect the air vents.

You can clean them with a toothbrush or you can get a foam paintbrush.

Stick it right in there and clean them out. [00:02:59]

Car Fuel Filter Cleaning Tips

Car Fuel Filter Cleaning Tips Car Lover TipsImpurities in the gas, or from an outdated gas tank, are prevented from reaching your engine by the fuel filter.

Even the tiniest particle can clog a fuel injection line or carburetor, so knowing how to clean a gasoline filter will keep your car running smoothly.

While this is a very straightforward task, you must proceed with caution due to the presence of gas in the lines leading to the filter.

Read our post about the car filters that should be replaced to maintain proper car maintenance.

[00:03:00] Fuel filters can get really dirty. Particularly if your car has been sitting around without being used.

They’re not that hard to change and they’re often overlooked in services and by the time they look like this they’re not doing your engine any favors.

So here’s a couple of tips when you’re setting up your seating position.

You want to make sure that when your foot is all the way down on the clutch or as hard as you can on the break your leg is not straight.

If it actually locks out and you have an accident, it’s possible that your leg bone will go through your back and skewer you into the seat, which is a real mess.

Now, a lot of people are also sitting way too far back in their seats and one kind of common rule is to sit back.

As far as you can in the seat, bum all the way back, shoulders back, and then have your wrist sitting on top of the steering wheel.

Most of the time, the driving position you want is nine and three.

It’s where manufacturers want you to drive.

It’s because they put some little hooks in here for your hands.

It’s where all the controls are and you want to sit a little bit closer because you want it so that when you’re on lock like this you’re not getting pulled out of your seat.

You want your shoulders still fairly far back. [00:03:59]

Car Tire Pressure Tips

Tire maintenance requires keeping your car’s tires properly filled to the automaker’s suggested pressures. Tires with the proper amount of air pressure last longer and help to keep vehicles safe.

Low tire pressure reduces braking lengths and makes steering and handling less sensitive. This is especially risky when a sudden evasive movement or emergency halt is required to escape a collision.

[00:04:00] Now if I put the seat back like this to how some people drive their car, you’ll see that as soon as I’m on full lock half of my body that actually hanging out with a seat.

So I’m not actually getting any support. So make sure your legs don’t lockout. Make sure your arms don’t loc out.

(Available in Amazon)

You want a good angle and a good starting position is just have your wrist on top of the steering wheel.

When you all the way back in the seat, which is probably going to be a little bit more forward than you’d normally. Have it.

Make sure you check your tire pressure regularly.

The wrong inflation can lead to premature wear and can even be dangerous.

If you’re wondering what the correct air pressure to inflate Your tires is, look on the inside of your driver’s door.

Sometimes, it’s under the Bonnet, check the manufacturer-specific number that you want to inflate your tires too.

You can also read it in the manual that comes with the car.

Go to the lowered car, you can make these, wooden ramps for just a few bucks.

Which will help you get on and off a jack without damaging your body kit.

Worn-out tire threads suck because they don’t grip and you can end up in not such a good situation.

You can check the depth of the tread using one of these Vernier calipers now, they’re good for measuring stuff this way.

But they can also measure stuff using this mad little thing at the back to check the depth, you just go like to see what it is.

And on our thing, it’s six millimeters which is plenty of treads. [00:04:59]

Car Safety Tips

Car Safety Tips Car Lover Tips

Driving safely should always be your main priority whether you’re behind the wheel of a car, whether alone or with passengers.

We’re more distracted than ever, so knowing the fundamentals of safe driving and practicing them every time you’re on the road is critical.

[00:05:00] If you’re going to be doing any kind of competitive driving make sure you get a proper roll cage.

Yes, you can make a convincing one out of PVC pipe like we did for our Civic.

But if you actually mowing down zombie mannequins or drifting, then you’ll want a proper cage or roll bar to protect yourself.

A cage with a flat rear bar means you can also install a harness which is a requirement in some areas of Motorsport.

Make sure you also check the use-by date as seatbelts and helmets do expire.

Now when it comes to going fast, it’s all about the power to weight ratio.

Sometimes the easiest and cheapest way of going faster is getting rid of weight.

Now you can go from show car to stripped out track car in a day but sometimes the car fights back.

Sometimes you may need more leverage to crack a really stubborn nut or bolt. [00:05:59]

Getting Cheaper Car Parts Tip

Car owners are well aware of what it takes to keep a vehicle in good working order. There should be a budget set up for routine maintenance, tires, and battery replacement, among other things.

Then there are instances when it’s necessary to replace some of its components. Some people may find buying new parts for their cars from local dealerships to be too expensive or inconvenient, especially if their car is 5 years old or older.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to purchasing car components from dealerships: obtaining inexpensive car parts at junkyards.

[00:06:00] You can use your ring spanner like so, grab another ring spanner stick it in there and bang more leverage.

If you’ve got cloudy headlights you can use avocado skin to help remove some of the plastic.

Car Lights
(Car Lights Cleaning Kits Available in Amazon)

Another option is toothpaste and urine, but if you’re not keen on that, you can also buy a lens cleaning kit if that’s more your thing.

When it comes to going faster a lot of people want to know what they should modify first with their wheels tires and suspension.

So, we did a simple test with two Toyota 86 has that were both stock, except one of them had performance coil-overs and normal tires.

And the other one had Bridgestone RE003 performance tires.

We had a professional race car driver take both cars around them are all and Racetrack.

And the winner tires, taking the track 2.5 seconds faster than the coil overs.

Wanna a mad tip for getting cheaper car parts? All you need is a hive is a shirt.

We wore these when we were working on our HQ project and realized that when we turned up to a wrecker or a car parts store, sometimes they discount the items by up to 25%. [00:06:59]

Tips to Keep Your Car Cool

Car Safety Tips Car Lover Tips Car Lover Tips

Summer’s heat may make an otherwise lovely season plain uncomfortable.

Getting into a car that has been parked in hot weather might seem like being burned alive for drivers who don’t enjoy extreme heat.

Use these strategies to keep your car cooler when parked to stay cool and make the most of your summer.

[00:07:00] It’s a good idea with a modified car, particularly one with a big fuel pump to let it prime before you actually turn the key to hit the starter.

That means you’ve got maximum fuel pressure going through into your fuel rails.

Want to make your own chopped key ring to show all your mates that you love modified cars.

Simply get a fork, cut the end off and then heat up the stem and insert a key ring fold over a couple of the four prongs and it should look something like this.

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Of course, if it doesn’t, you can buy one directly from our online shop to help support the show.

If you get back to your car and it’s really hot, there is a really easy way of getting it cool down.

The first thing you want to do, put your driver-side window down.

Then go over to the other side of the car and just billow out all the hot air.

You can actually feel it coming out give it four or five swings and then you are ready to go.

If you know, you’re going to be parked somewhere in the Sun and you don’t have anything to cover your steering wheel.

Once you’ve parked flip it over 180 degrees that way the underneath of your steering wheel is hitting the sun.

Two things. Number one, when you get back in your car it won’t burn your hands. And number two, it makes the top of your steering wheel. Stay nice and new-looking. [00:07:59]

Hollywood Style Burnout Tips

[00:08:00] Want to know the secret to a big Hollywood style burnout?

We asked Dennis McCarthy the lead vehicle supervisor from Fast and Furious.

Garage Creeper
(If You are not DIY Savvy you can get one on Amazon)

Got some more w40 Junior. Yeah, definitely won’t do it without it.

Yep. I spray of WD-40 will help you get that massive Smoky burnout that you’ve seen in the movies.

You see, smart straws on lots of products with WD-40 have taken a step further with that easy reach.

This is really cool because you can stick it in all sorts of weird places.

Now, you can either spray like this, or of course, you can fold it down and you’ve got your normal spray and we checked officially with WD-40 and you can use it to clean your mad Wheels.

You can easily make your own garage creeper for just a few dollars using cheap timber.

Simply screw a wooden frame under a piece of plywood. Then add some crossbars and add some casters.

You can add light paint and a magnet bar for tools.

In fact, you can totally customize it and go as crazy as you like.

Including speakers, flashing lights, and even a fan to suck hot air out of your pants while you work. [00:08:59]

Some Automotive Myths Debunked

Some Automotive Myths Debunked Car Lover Tips

The automotive industry has advanced dramatically in terms of technology and design during the last decade.

Now that you’re driving in the twenty-first century, it’s time to bring your knowledge of automobiles up to speed and dispel some long-held misconceptions.

[00:09:00] A lot of people think that adding a cannon exhaust will add power to their car.

So we decided to try it. Turns out that we make more power with a potato stuck. Inside a piece of pipe.

So this myth is absolutely busted.

Anyone who’s made a mess in the shed will know how awesome it is to have degreaser lying around.

The trick to make it work really well is spray heaps on and then agitate it with a brush and that little bit of elbow grease will work way better.

You can then hose it away or just wipe it with a cloth.

And all the Schmutz comes off the ground.

Have You Ever Seen Those ads online for fuel-saving devices that cost a couple of bucks and promise huge savings in fuel?

Apparently, all you do is plug them into your cigarette lighter adapter.

Well, we rigged up a system to test it, and turns out they do absolutely nothing at all. No surprises here. [00:09:59]

Checking Your Oil Car Tips

Consider motor oil to be the lifeblood of your vehicle’s engine.

Regularly inspecting it is an important component of keeping your engine in good working order and getting the most mileage out of it.

The oil lubricates the internal working elements of the engine, preventing them from wearing down too quickly.

It also keeps the engine clean and prevents it from overheating by reducing dirt buildup.

—– Read our Oil Change Service post that talks all about the oil change process.

[00:10:00] Oil is the lifeblood of your engine and it’s important that you check it regularly.

To check it You pull the dipstick out, wipe it off, don’t even look at it the first time.

Car Oil Bottle
(Having A Spare Bottle Of Oil in Your Car Could Save You. Get one from Amazon)

Dump it all the way down in and back out again, and should be between the two dots.

Check your manual to see exactly what the right level is.
You should check it every week or two.

If you own a Subaru, you should consider checking it daily or maybe before every trip and carry a bottle of oil with you because you’re probably going to need it.

When it comes to oil you need to make sure you put the right amount in your car.

Too much and you’re going to do some serious engine damage and throw a hectic smoke show as we found out with this old Corolla.

And what if you’re running no oil at all, You’ll have approximately two minutes before your whole engine goes Kable-Mo.

But how about that messy job of removing the oil plug?

You want to try and put lots of pressure on this oil Plug.

Pushing back up towards the Sun and then just try and move it away as quickly as possible and you can do that.

You shouldn’t get any oil on your hands.

Obviously, make sure it’s not too hot, sometimes I win. Sometimes I fail. Here we go. Thank you. [00:10:59]

Clean Oil Spill Tips

Oil Spill Clean Up Tips Car Lover Tips

If you store your car in the garage, you’ll likely notice oil stains grow over time, especially if you have an older vehicle.

Many homeowners want to keep their garage floors clean and prevent bringing contaminants into their homes from spilled oil.

Cleaning motor oil spills from concrete isn’t difficult, but you’ll have the best chance of success if you act immediately and employ the right procedures.

[00:11:00] But what if you do spill some oil one of the problems with spilling oil is it even when you wipe it up, you still end up with all this residue.

Brake and parts cleaner even though it’s designed to be used on cars; is also awesome for cleaning up areas like that to make sure that the area isn’t slippery.

Some older cars come with old engines that are not as reliable or they don’t have parts that are easily available,

But these days you can change to a more modern equivalent by using all sorts of aftermarket parts.

After supercharging my minion running it on ethanol we bought a complete sub-frame kit to install a be 16 B engine from a Civic.

It’s the same car but now has four times the power and the reliability of a more modern engine.

A quick tip is if you put a B16 be in a mini it’s going to torque steer like an absolute one.

Want some extra base, but you don’t have the space.

Of course, you can install an under-seat sub, or you can go full DIY and put a sub in a spare tire.

While acoustically it’s not as tight as an enclosed box, it sounds surprisingly good. [00:11:59] 

Interior Detailing Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers

EASY DIY CAR INTERIOR CLEANING TIPS Car Lover TipsTips for cleaning the interior of your car on your own. With these simple DIY interior car detailing tips and instructions, your vehicle will look new in no time.

What are some suggestions and strategies for cleaning the interior of a car? In this video, experienced detailers from the automotive YouTube channel Chicago Auto Pros give us some great advice on how to clean your car’s inside.

This is a very in-depth car interior cleaning tips and tricks video that covers a variety of techniques for keeping your vehicle’s interior looking its best.

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Extend Battery Life Tips

Car batteries are an important component of any vehicle.

Batteries give the zap your vehicle requires to keep rolling, from starting it to charging your phone on the fly.

That’s why it’s critical to understand when a car battery needs to be replaced, as well as what you can do to extend its life.

[00:12:00] And when you put it back in its original storage position, it won’t take up any extra space.

A step drill bit is a great way of being able to drill a bunch of different Holes without having to have a million different-sized drill bits.

Power Tools
(Get a Power Ratchet and Other Power Tools from Amazon Here)

Not perfect for everything, but it is an awesome thing to have.

A powered ratchet is an awesome addition to your toolkit for getting the hard-to-reach places.

And battery-powered means they’re super maneuverable.

Your car runs at its best when it’s got a healthy battery. The easiest way to check is with a multimeter, put it on both DC, black to negative, red to positive, and you should see around twelve and a half.

If you’re at 12 or below your battery probably needs a charge. If you’re in single digits, you probably got to go get your battery check.

If you’ve got a car that’s sitting around and not being used much, it’s a really good idea to stick it on a trickle charger because if you consistently, leave it low, it’s going to affect the life of the battery.

If your car is parked up or has a parasitic drain, you can easily install a battery terminal isolator in about 60 seconds.

You simply plug it into the negative side of the terminal, then twist the top on and off to isolate the battery. [00:12:59] 

50 General Car Tips and Hacks

50 General Car Tips and Hacks That Car Owners Could Use Car Lover Tips

50 General Car Tips and Hacks. We are sharing our favorite General Car Tips and Hacks that have come in handy.

There are 50 General Car Tips so this article is quite lengthy. We would appreciate any feedback on the post.

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Car Comfort Tips

Car Comfort Tips Car Lover Tips

Shouldn’t we want our cars to be as comfy as possible because we spend so much time behind the wheel?

There are a few basic things you can do to improve the interior of your vehicle and make those long drives more comfortable.

[00:13:00] You also want to make sure you keep your battery clean.

Is actually possible for the battery to discharge just from the grime that sort of sitting around and on there.

So you can clean it up simply with just a wire brush.

You can also buy special greases and cleaners that will go on there and make sure it stays just right.

Want to keep your classic car looking authentic… but don’t want to miss out on the tunes.

You can hide a Bluetooth receiver behind your dash or you can keep the original facade and hide a modern stereo behind it.

In our case, we made a custom flap, which hides a modern head unit.

Speakers can be hidden in the rear of the car and a self-contained sub can go under the seat.

If you drive a car that doesn’t have many drink holders like a 180sx s13 or something like that, you can actually take a drink with you in the passenger seat.

Grab yourself a shoe like this. Put the seatbelt down over the top of it and then you can smash your mad drink into there.

And look at that. A nice drink holder for you and it’s going to say your friends, but you don’t got none because there’s a show on your seat instead of a mate. [00:13:59] 

Interior Car Tips

Many individuals are unaware that there are many interior detailing techniques.

These are the techniques that outstanding detailers use to set themselves apart from average detailers, typically with just a few tools.

[00:14:00] You can easily wake up a tired interior of your car with a new carpet kit available online.

These are cut to size pieces that replace the original carpet to give you a cleaner fresher, interior.

Car Carpet
(New Carpet Kit For Your Car from Amazon)

When you’re cleaning the interior of your car with a cleaning product, spray it onto a rag first and then clean the surfaces.

If you spray it directly onto the surfaces, it can give you an uneven finish plus leaves splats of Goo all over your windscreen.

You can support big Power by upgrading things like oil pumps or head studs, it’s easier and cheaper than a full rebuild.

And in our case, allowed us to extract over 600 horsepower out of an engine that came from the factory with just 330.

If you’re stopping to turn into a driveway and you’re going across traffic make sure you leave your steering wheel pointing forward before you turn.

If you’re sitting with your steering wheel, turned like this.

If you get rear-ended you’ll get pushed into oncoming traffic.

So only turn your wheel once you intend to actually drive into the driveway

Struggling to perfect, your driving technique at the track or need some help with car set-up.

Get a driving instructor to drive your car with you in it.

They have years of experience, they can draw from to save you heaps of guesswork and help drop your lap time. [00:14:59] 

Vinyl Car Wrap Tips

Vinyl Car Wrap Tips Car Lover Tips

So you want to give your car a unique look with a vinyl wrap, and you’re considering doing it yourself.

You’ve arrived at the correct location, my friend.

Today’s vinyl technology makes it easier than ever for a do-it-yourselfer like you to pull it off.

[00:15:00] When you’re cleaning your windscreen don’t forget to clean the wipers as well so you’re not wiping grot all over your freshly cleaned windscreen.

Rather than painting your car, another option is a vinyl wrap.

It sticks tight to your existing bodywork and can look really good.

You still have to look after it and it can be tricky to install, but it can also transform your car and look awesome.

Vinyl wrap can also be chopped up to rap parts, do speed Stripes, protect mirrors, Bonnets, and also do graphics.

And it’s easy to do yourself at home.

If you’re welding or grinding or playing with fire in your shed, make sure you have got PPE Kit within easy reach to cover eyes and all the things that matter.

And also, it’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher within easy reach in case something goes wrong.

If you’d like your intercooler to be black and it isn’t already black. You can paint it yourself with a spray can. [00:15:59] 

More Car Speed Tips

If you possess a high-performance vehicle, you may be looking for ways to improve its performance.

While each make and model will have its own set of modifications, there are a few typical speed enhancements that you can consider to boost your vehicle’s performance and speed.

If you’re like the majority of car owners, you’re probably unsure where to begin.

[00:16:00] One of the easiest ways to go faster is to install a bigger engine.

A lot of the time you can bolt in other engines made by the same manufacturer.

In our case, we went four-cylinder to six-cylinder and added one point six liters of capacity and a turbo, of course

An old Beetle makes for an epic sleeper when you fit in an STI engine.

This nugget delivers frightening performance, that’s enough to easily dominate a Porsche down the quarter-mile.

If you’re tracking your car or you just want some mad street cred and you don’t have a mini like this with this cool tow hook.

You can get something like this from the Mighty Car Mods shop which is a tow strap that goes to a factory Mount Point like that.

and makes it way easier to hook up when You need to get towed off the track.

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Want to make more power?

That isn’t the question of course you do. Changing fuels can result in more power if you add the compression or booster suit.

We managed to almost double the factory power output of our 3.6 liter SUV engine by changing to ethanol and turning up the Boost.

That’s what is the best mod that you can do to your car, I don’t know why more cars don’t run on ethanol.

Going drag racing, but can’t quite get the time down to where you want it. So close.

Try swapping Lanes, often one is stickier than the other and that means chop chop, chop. [00:16:59] 

Car Parking Tips

Car Parking Tips Car Lover Tips

Parking your car can be one of the most difficult actions you’ll ever perform on the road,

But only if you don’t know how to do it right the first time.

[00:17:00] If you’re in a car park and you’re looking for your car and your key fob is not working, you can hold it up under your head under your chin.

And when you press the button, you actually get a little bit of extra distance because your head will be used as an antenna.

Nitrous is horsepower in a bottle, install a bottle in the boot, run some lines up to the front of the car, into some solenoids. Add some fuel.

Mix them together and you get a bigger bang. Oh, as always, it’s a good idea to get the car on a Dyno and get it. Tuned to sue.

Bonnets fleeing after you at high speed, are not cool.

And some racetracks require secondary Bonnet caches which you can install easily by chopping some holes in your Bonnet.

If you’ve got a really small parking space at home, you can hang a tennis ball off a bit of string off the roof and make it so once that actually hits your windscreen, your cars in the right spot

You could also glue some hose down underneath the wheels, and when you’re driving and feel that, you know, you’re all the way in, and you can get some pool noodles and stick them on the wall.

So when you get out of your car, you’re not smashing, you’re mad paint. If you’re planning on painting,

Your car and mad custom color. [00:17:59] 

Protecting Your Car Tips

Your vehicle is a significant investment that should not be handled lightly.

Having a secure area for your investment, such as a garage in which to put your automobile, should be a top consideration.

However, not everyone has access to a covered parking spot for their vehicle.

If you have to park your car curbside in front of your house, it’s critical that you know how to secure your automobile while it’s parked outdoors.

[00:18:00] Make sure when you do the Bodywork, you don’t park it outside during our torrential downpour.

The rain will fry your electronics and rust, your car from the inside out.

However, if this does happen, you can often transplant, your engine and driveline into a newer model of the same car.

Meaning, you don’t have to do all the work twice, you get newer technology, better safety, and a more comfortable ride.

Want to get a whole bunch of Mighty Car Mods merchandise but discounted.

We’ve got our very own loot crates called Cheryl’s Mystery Box will pack it up for you and you’ll save big-dollar e dues and will ship it to you anywhere in the world.

The best tools you can ever have mates who are willing to help you out.

Make some friends with people who are really smart and they might come and help you transform a crappy nugget of an electric car into a burnout Machine by lending, your batteries from their van, it’s quite

You need to shorten a bolt. If you put a nut on it first like that, then cut through the bot, you can win the nut off and your thread won’t be quite as hacked up. [00:18:59] 

Car Wash Tips

Car Wash Tips Car Lover Tips

Use this car wash tip to maintain your car shiny and looking good.

[00:19:00] Got an old car without central locking. You can buy kids for under a hundred bucks. You can install it into the doors for that class.

You remote unlock and it’s still too tinny sound, deadening can be stuck to the doors for more luxury, removing the model stickers makes people have to guess what kind of mad car you’re cruising around in.

You can buy a kill switch for just a few bucks that you can wire into your ignition circuit and hide in the car somewhere.

So no one will be able to steal it. Use a heat gun to warm up the paint.

So it doesn’t crack when you’re rolling your guards to fit big wheels and tires you can repaint your windscreen wipers, my masking your windscreen with a newspaper and restrain them a Sharpie or black texter works.

Great for small touch-ups. If your seats are full of dirt a wet vacuum system like a Rug Doctor will deep clean them.

By spraying in shampoo under pressure and sucking out the smart. Turning it into poo brown water.

Red calipers don’t make your brakes.

Stop your car any better but they do look cool.

You do it yourself in just a few hours using two buckets when washing your car means you aren’t putting a dirty sponge and dirty water back onto your pail.

And for a proper decline of your wheels, jack up, your car and remove them completely. [00:19:59] 

Changing Oil Tips

[00:20:00] Use a stiff, bristled brush and Degreaser, or wheel cleaner to remove all the brake dust.

Once you’ve done all that the ultimate finish a coat of wax applied by hand and buffed off with a microfiber towel

Will make your car shiny and add a layer of protection to the paint.

It also helps water beat off and roll off. It looks cool.

Changing oil regularly is important.

So is remembering when to change it you can write on a service label like this.

What date your service that we are serving so that when the next service is due and importantly what oil grade you use, so you’re not mixing grades.

Paint Remover
(Paint Remover Will Save You Hours of Work – Amazon)

If you need to remove paint from a car or panel, you could grind away for hours or you could just pour on some paint stripper and scrape the paint away.

Want some fat cheap wheels for your car, I’d try wheels off a boat trailer.

You may need to re-drill them but they’re super cheap and gives you a car and aggressive look

You can spruce up a boring car with manga bombing.

Cut pieces of a comic book, cut them out and stick them onto your car with spray adhesive.

Then cover in some clear coat and you’re all ready for your next Honda mate. [00:20:59] 

Adding Car Gadget Tips

Adding Car Gadgets Tips Car Lover Tips

[00:21:00] You can remove your head unit and replace it with an iPad.

Buy or modify the surrounding fascia and then power it from behind the dash.

You can access music, maps, and even a large GPS Speedo, which is freaking awesome.

How about those electric turbos that are made out of a piece of plastic and a computer fan?

Can you really get more power, less, turbo lag and 15% extra throttle response? Of course not.

It’s just another scam but it’s a different story with a couple of Ryobi leaf blowers when connected to the intake.

You can actually make some extra power and you can’t ask for more than that on all of modern cars like Volkswagens and Audi’s.

If you double click the unlock button, you’ll see that the car will actually open up the sunroof and open up all the windows which is really handy if your car is hot.

And then if you’re walking away from the car, you can double click the lock.

And as you leave you’ll see that everything will close up again.

Need to remove some old tint from your car?

Heat the tint first with a heat gun, and then use a razor blade to peel down the edge.

Keep applying heat. As you pull the film away from the glass. [00:21:59] 

Push Button Start Tip

[00:22:00] Have you damaged your wheels? Because you don’t know how to park or someone’s bashed, you will with a brick, never fear.

You can sand back the rough edges and then apply some Bondo to reshape the damage.

Once it’s dry, you can sand it back and repaint the wheel to make it as good as new.

Push Start Button

Wanna impress absolutely nobody with an aftermarket push-button start? You can buy these for around five dollars off the internet.

Measure up the unit and then drill a hole to fit it. Pack into your ignition wiring, and you are good to go.

If you ever find yourself having to cut a car in half to get a 1. J said from Japan, cover the windscreen in Gaff tape first.

Yes, in Japan the tape is pink. The tape reduces the amount of glass going everywhere, which makes you half-cut cleaner.

You’ve bought yourself a secondhand Evo in the bits that you’re touching with your hands are all a bit gross.

You can buy brand-new replacement bits, that just replace that so that you can go chop engulfs all day long.

You find yourself working on your car and always getting annoyed with the Bonnet stay.

Well, you can easily install aftermarket, gas Bonnet struts so you can open your hood like a boss. [00:22:59] 

DIY Workbench Tips

Make Your Own Versatile Workbench Tips Car Lover Tips

[00:23:00] How about making some bulk power with a power chip that you can buy on eBay?

Once installed on the car, you promised better fuel economy and power.

So we installed one and it did absolutely nothing.

We got an electrical engineer to do some detective work on the chip.

And it turns out that all it does is turns on a blue light.

None of the chips are actually connected to anything.

It’ll just another internet scam.

A versatile workbench is a must for any garage but they can be really expensive.

Luckily, you can make your own out of wood in about half an hour and for around 50 bucks.

Build a rectangular frame out of Timber and then add legs that are cut at whatever height is best for you.

Add some plywood MDF or a bench, top panel to the top, and then countersink some screws to hold it in.

You can sand the corners down or route down the edges with a round-over bit, to make the table nice and smooth to lean on. [00:23:59] 

Getting Your Car Painted Tips

[00:24:00] Getting your car painted by a professional is always going to give you the best result, but it’s very expensive.

You can actually paint the car yourself with spray cans.

Hand out a can each to a group of your mates and then transform a whole car within 60 seconds.

As long as you’ve mastered up properly, the result is actually pretty amazing and perfect for drift and track cars.

If you want some free street cred, remove your Springs. It’s dangerous and you’ll need a new spine, but the internet will think you’re awesome.

You can check the health of your core by using test strips and making sure yours comes up, dark, red, and green.

When you compare it to the bottle, if not, then it’s time to change it.

Putting your keys on a lanyard or a key tag makes it super easy to get out of your pocket or out of a bag.

When you put it in the ignition flip, the lanyard, over the top of the steering column so you don’t get your foot cord in it.

If you’re getting lots of blow-by in your intake or intercooler, it’s time to install a catch can to filter out the oil particles. Remember to drain it periodically.

If your windscreen washers not spraying properly, clean, the nozzle out with a small pin or needle so you get that epic spray back. [00:24:59] 

Interior Detailing Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers

EASY DIY CAR INTERIOR CLEANING TIPS Car Lover TipsTips for cleaning the interior of your car on your own. With these simple DIY interior car detailing tips and instructions, your vehicle will look new in no time.

What are some suggestions and strategies for cleaning the interior of a car? In this video, experienced detailers from the automotive YouTube channel Chicago Auto Pros give us some great advice on how to clean your car’s inside.

This is a very in-depth car interior cleaning tips and tricks video that covers a variety of techniques for keeping your vehicle’s interior looking its best.

Read Article

Super Glue Car Tips

Super Glue Car Tips Car Lover Tips

[00:25:00] If you’re worried about boost leaks, you can test your system with a DIY boost lead tester.

Run compressed air into the adapter and then into your intercooler and see if the pressure drops all you can hear are escaping. If it does, you’ve got a leak.

If you’ve got a Golf, don’t swap your factory, lights out for these ones. They look crap.

Back in the old day, my Mk4 Golf was really cheap because it smelled like a frog’s anus.

The reason being is that these overflow channels from the sunroof were full, so the car was leaking.

If you want to fix that, get some compressed air, Put it in the channel, blast it out.

And then if you want to make sure it’s free-flowing, put some water in there. And you should see that coming up from underneath the car.

Some super glue can be used to attach about anything that’s falling off your car. Just make sure your clamp it while it dries.

If your friend says they want a monster Tacho in their Ford Blazer you know what to do.

Cutting a hole in your Bonnet, probably won’t make your car go any faster.

But if you’re going to install a fake scoop at least make sure it’s on straight

You can easily get some speed Stripes by masking your car with tape and then spraying on some paint.

Try and get both lines the same width for bonus points. [00:25:59] 

Car Warranty Tips

[00:26:00] A lot of people are worried when they buy a new car about modifying it because there might be issues with warranty.

So instead a really common practice is to flash tuned it.

The cars are tuned really conservatively from the factory and so aftermarket companies reflash them and you can make both power.

What you need to realize though is that when you take the car in for a service and actually put their scan tool in the car can phone home and let head office know there’s been a tune done to the car.

Which means there’s a log against the VIN of your car that has had a tune and that could affect any warranty claims in the future.

So the moral of the story is from day one, just modify the hell out and go crazy.

Crusty dash components can be given a whole new life, a new color with spray cans.
Make sure it’s all cleaned up and then make it, silver gold or any color you like.

Unless you’ve got a purpose-built sports car or a jet your eBay spoiler probably isn’t doing anything.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t install one if it looks cool, but don’t pretend that those little M8 bolts holding it on, are actually making you go any faster.

You can turn your car into a convertible in about 15 Minutes. It probably won’t be legal, but your power to weight ratio will go through the roof. [00:26:59] 

Car Exhaust Tips

Car Exhaust Tips Car Lover Tips

[00:27:00] Want a performance exhaust but your neighbors don’t want all the sound.

You can install a muffler with a remote-controlled valve to allow for quiet operation.

When your only form of Transport is a modified car, it can get really annoying if you’re working on your car or it’s in the workshop.

So you need a second form of transport. And the best transport you can get is a postie bike.

See also  Car Value Retention Essential Tips for Maximizing Your Car Value

If you have to repaint part of your car, after racing an S2000, you can mask it off with is ready a natural design Line.

This will help blend in the new paint with the old.

If you’re in a pinch, you can use a lighter for emergency soldering.

Changing a Parker bulbs is an easy way of updating the light color on the front of your car. And blue will better match the color of your HIDs.

Is your horn too soft? You can grab a larger horn from a different car and run it in parallel for extra volume.

Make sure you know what your spare tire situation is with your new car, before you run into trouble.

Some cars have a can of goo you spray into them, some have run flat tires and have space savers.

Do a dry run first in your own garage with your own gear so you don’t get stuck. [00:27:59]

Translation: Parker Bulbs = Turning signals

Fixing Car Dent Tip

[00:28:00] You can make your own sub out of an old Hi-Fi speaker. Simply cut it down, seal it up, and then cover it in carpet.

You can even run it off a computer CD drive for that extra hipster value.

Sometimes overseas variants of cars will have better parts available like this JDM Forester Grill.

Compared to the locally delivered, plastic vomit that we got in Australia. Usually, these are direct Swap and make the car look heaps better.

Suction Dent Remover
(This Gadget Will Save You Time and Effort Removing That Dent – Amazon)

Need to fix a dent on your car? You can use a GoPro suction Mount fixed.

If the dents are in plastic try heating it up with a heat gun and then pushing it out.

You can use nightshades to take your tail light. It’s probably not the smartest move because no one can see your brake lights.

Another No-No is painting Outdoors under a tree.

You can make a DIY paint booth with cheap bits from a hardware shop.

Speaking of cheap bits, want the big break look without spending the coin, you can install fake Brembo brake covers that look like the real deal.

Except they aren’t and are probably only good for directing people from your terrible nightshades taillights. [00:28:59] 

Factory Seat Replacement Tip

Factory Seat Replacement Tip Car Lover Tips

[00:29:00] One of the best things in the car is cruising around with the windows down, on a nice day.

The problem is, sometimes if you drop just the driver’s window or even just the driver and passenger window, you can get this sound.

Which is not mad, to prevent that in a lot of cars, including the wagons like this one.

If you drop the back windows, even a little bit, it’s just enough to even up the pressure. It sends the sound that way and stops IT from Smashing you in the ear.

If you take your gut suspension bolt is a good idea to Mark them with a texter so they can go back in the exact same position when you reinstall all of them.

If your factory seats are worn out or unsupportive, you can upgrade to aftermarket seats for an awesome look and maximum comfort.

A fun part of traveling can be checking out shops from overseas. In this case, in Japanese Hardware shops, you can get these cool little impact sockets.

The problem is they don’t fit our tools without some modifications. So all you do is get the end, cut it in half and then bang, they fit our tools.

Removing your engine rocker cover is easy, and painting it can really improve the look of your engine bay.

Take it off, clean it up, and paint it with wrinkled red as it adds the most power.

Adjustable ball, fouls, allow you to go from stealthy recirculation to Full Auto Salon spec freaking Whiskey’s. [00:29:59]

Translation: Texter = Marker

Power Tools Safety Tips

[00:30:00] Freezer bag from the supermarket resealable ones make awesome little things to put your parts in.

When you’re pulling something apart right on it what it is, label it seal it up, boom.

cabin filterGet yourself a cheap shift light off eBay, pull it apart and install it behind your instrument cluster.

So it turns red when it’s time to change gears.

When removing your steering wheel leave the nut on a few turns when you pull it off.
So you don’t smash yourself in the snow.

Want a whole new look for your vehicle? Color coding Wheels to match the car can look awesome to measure.

Wheel offset, take your wheel and tire off. Put the wheel face down on a bench.

Get the overall height, divide it by 2 and then subtract the distance from the face of the Hub back down to your bench.

Always wear personal protection equipment when using power tools. Otherwise, you might get smashed in the face really hard.

Cabin filters, clean the air that comes into your car.

But most people neglect to change them and they end up looking gross like this one.

It’s cheap and easy To change and usually located behind the glove box. [00:30:59] 

Adding Fender Flares Car Tips

Fender Flares Car Tips Car Lover Tips

[00:31:00] If you’ve fallen in love with a drifts nugget in Japan but can’t import the whole car, chop it in half.

Send it home on a pallet then buy the equivalent local car.

Weld in the rear end, swap all the parts, and whoosh car.

You have your drift nugget on home soil ready to Skid.

Fender flares allow you to fit wider Wheels to your car for a better look and more grip from bigger tires.

You can install the most basic plastic versions or go all out and create your own body kit from fiberglass.

It can be great fun to work on cars with mates. Occasionally, you end up stuck on the ground under a car asking for tools.

Make their life, easier by labeling your toolbox so you don’t have to explain where everything is when you’re looking for a tool.

We’ve always had the belief that if something breaks on your car, always, try and replace it with something better.

In this case, a blown Liberty engine is replaced with a WRX engine, which instantly gives you a turbo conversion and more power.

And if you can’t find a wrecker engine for your car, you can often buy a brand-new short block from the manufacturer.

Wrapping a car is an awesome option instead of painting because it’s reversible like my WRX here which is actually white. [00:31:59] 

Wrapping Car Tips

[00:32:00] But as well as wrapping the body you can wrap other parts of the car to including vinyl overlay that go over the clear altezza style relights.

You place the red overlays over the light and then heat them up with a heat gun if you want to get into DIY but don’t have much space or funds.

Then try a motorbike all of the skills that you can learn easily translate into working on cars like painting welding and mechanical repairs.

And after you’re done You’ll end up with something really cool that you can actually ride.

It’s really common these days to use your phone for music phone calls, things like that in the car.

If you’re going to put it in a mount like this, which is great for legal reasons, you can run a fixed power supply that’s always there and ready to go.

A common mod is changing your Bonnet for something that’s more lightweight or just for a different style.

You can leave it black or carbon fiber. But for something more unique you can paint it yourself to give the car its own style and stand out from the crowd.

Another cheap design tip is to go to a sticker Shop to make you a large shape.

In our case it’s a big red circle It sits on the side of our 350Z and offsets the white really nicely. [00:32:59]

Translation: Bonnet = Hood

Nitrous Real Car Tips

Nitrous Real Car Tips Car Lover Tips

[00:33:00] If you’re running nitrous, you can buy mounts that will attach the bottles to the roll cage for a cleaner install.

But make sure you always install blow-down tubes.

If you’re ever running from the police in a fictitious way of course, you can install number plate hiding devices which are activated by remote control.

These are actually meant to be used for Road driven show cars so the car looks neat and tidy you when it’s on display

A proper suspension setup and wheel alignment can transform your car and definitely something worth doing regularly.

If you really want to paint your car on the cheap, you can also use fence paint.

It’s not the best finish, but it’s perfect for drift cars and Nuggets.

If you’re working on fuel lines, you can insert a bolt into the end of the line or use these fuel line clamps to stop the fuel coming out.

Changing your fuel pump injectors and coils is a great step towards making more power with a boosted car.

And if you’re going to be doing a lot of skids then do some research and see what other discs are available to fit your car.

It’s usually an easier job to change with two people and you can use a car jack, or a milk crate to help get the dip into position. [00:33:59] 

Car Tips and Tricks

These car tips and tricks are very helpful for car owners.

[00:34:00] Often when you buy screws these little tags come in the packets that you buy from the shops.

You can rip them off or cut them out and stick them into your mad organizational drawers So that you know exactly what’s what.

Cleaning out an old festive fuel tank is a pretty big job and if time is not on your side, you may be better to grab yourself another tank from the Wreckers.

Dash Cam
(Dash cams can easily be added to any car – Amazon)

Dash cams are prolific these days because in a lot of countries they are used for car insurance claims.

They’re easy to install. You can either run the power down to your cigarette lighter, or you can hardwire it to your car, to run a battery so it’s running all the time

Often moles of cars get a facelift, but they’re still using the same basic architecture as previous models.

This means you can use the facelift items on an older car to give it an updated look.

Like the type X lights on a 180sx which fit on the older one 80s as well. [00:34:59]

Tips for Buying a Used Car

Tips for Buying a Used Car Lover Tips

Tips for buying a used car that would save you some money on your next car deal.

[00:35:00] At some point you are probably going to be buying a second-hand car.

And here are a couple of tips to get the best deal.

The first thing you want to do is when you call someone ask them why they are selling it.

When I bought my golf, the guy said, well I’m trying to trade in two days.

Now as soon as you know, they’re trading it in, you know, they’re going to get completely jacked which means you can get a better price.

You also want to find out if a car has been in an accident. You want to find out if they’ve had smoking, kids or pets in it.

Three things that are going to make the interior of the car pretty gross.

You also need to make sure you factor in the cost of auto insurance, stamp, Duty transfers, stuff like that in your total cost.

Cuz that’s going to make a real difference with how much money you get to spend and what kind of car you get to buy.

The other way you can get a really good deal on a second-hand car is by buying a car, that’s already modified.

Now most people, when they see cars modified, they run for the hills.

But if you know what you’re talking about and you know exactly what you’re after, you can get a great deal.

The other tip is by a car that’s got some damage. Now my WRX had had a door hit from a Bunning’s trolley.

I got five thousand dollars off the price and it only cost 800 bucks to fix the door.
Another tip is when you’re actually going to buy or negotiate on a second hand you don’t want to take bags of cash with you.

So take a bank check for about 80% of the amount and take cash for the rest. That means when you inspect the car. If you find any problems. [00:35:59]

More Car Buying Tips

[00:36:00] You can give them the bank check and then use cash to make up the difference for your discount.

Now, when you’re actually looking at a second-hand car, here are some good tips that will help you out. Open the doors.

Have a look at all the bolts that hold the doors on.

See if it got little marks on them from where tools spanners, sockets, and stuff might have wrecked the paint.

Also, an easy one is to check for mismatched paint, especially along with door jams.

Because maybe if it’s had a new guard or something, you’ll see a bit of a hard line with a masking tape been put on here.

You also have a look for overspray. A really good tip is to bring a torch with you because even in the daytime you should always buy cars.

In the daytime, it can be a bit hard to see which you run the torch over.

You can sometimes see where the change of color is apparently from the different kinds of paint that’s been used. Open the boot, open the Bonnet.

Have a look around the front and back of the car, because that is where they usually get hit, and see if there are any differences in the color of the sealant.

That’s usually between where the panels join sometimes, it might be painted Times.

It might just be the actual sort of yellow natural, the color of the ceiling itself.

Make sure that’s not mismatched. Check all the plates. Check the VIN numbers to make sure everything matches. [00:36:59]

Translation: Torch = Flashlight

Final Words

[00:37:00] The paperwork that you have and a big one also is if it does have a service manual, check to make sure that all the pain in the service manual is not the exact same pain that’s been filled out by one person at one time to try and sell the car.

Another tip is to turn the key on. Make sure all the dash lights come on, particularly the check engine, or the time that Bob is just removed, which means you’ll never actually see the trouble codes if you’ve got aftermarket,

Wheels and locknuts. Make sure you’ve got the actual key that fits the nut, so you can get them off.

Take your handy, torch, have a look under the car. Make sure there’s no rust.

There’s no water or there’s been no big damage underneath that you can’t see from outside.

And finally, a scan tool that you can buy pretty cheap off the internet for between fifty and a hundred bucks.

You can plug that in and check to see if there’s any trouble codes.

There’s heaps, more tips out there, jump online and have a look.

So there it is over. 250 hints tips and DIY hacks for you and your car that was a lot. That was intense. That was so crazy.

My brain is like boggling with mad DIY hints and tips. We should go work on some cars. Yes. Do it. It’s a good archive man.

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