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50 General Car Tips and Hacks Car Owners Could Use

50 General Car Tips and Hacks That Car Owners Could Use Car Lover Tips

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50 General Car Tips and Hacks That Car Owners Could Use. We are sharing our favorite General Car Tips and Hacks that have come in handy.

50 General Car Tips and Hacks For Car Owners

50 General Car Tips and Hacks That Car Owners Could Use Car Lover Tips Pin

There are 50 General Car Tips so this article is quite lengthy. We would appreciate any feedback on the post.

If you have any general car tips that you would like to add to the list, please simply leave them in the comments or contact us and let us know.

  • 1. Inspect Your Car Regularly 
  • 2. Keep a Car Emergency Kit 
  • 3. Use Proper Winter Floor Mats 
  • 4. Morning Dew Use a Squeegee 
  • 5. Box Will Keep Your Car Clean 
  • 6. Replace Car Air Filter Often 
  • 7. Clean Car Dash Carefully 
  • 8. Fix a Squeaky Fan Belt 
  • 9. Check Tire Tread With a Penny 
  • 10. Check Tire Pressure Tips 
  • 11. Clean The Inside of Your Car 
  • 12. Keep a Tissue Box in the Car 
  • 13. Store Beach Toys on a Basket 
  • 14. Carry an Emergency Flashlight 
  • 15. Always Carry Jumper Cables 
  • 16. Liners To Keep Holders Clean 
  • 17. Repair Glass Chip Quickly 
  • 18. Clean Lights With Toothpaste 
  • 19. Cleaning Under The Hood
  • 20. Nail Polish Cover Scratches 
  • 21. Vinegar To De-Ice Glass
  • 22. Place Your Car in The Shade 
  • 23. Tennis Ball Will Save Garage 
  • 24. Keep your Headlights Level 
  • 25. Brake Glass In Emergency 
  • 26. Have Good Auto Insurance 
  • 27. Key Fob Range Extender
  • 28. Examine Your Car Battery
  • 29. Vaseline Car Polish Trick
  • 30. DO NOT Fuel If This Happens
  • 31. Find the Gas Tank in a Flash
  • 32. Replace Spark Plug Often
  • 33. DO NOT Warm Up The Engine
  • 34. Seat to Keep Food Warm
  • 35. Car Vacuum Keep Car Clean
  • 36. Toilet Plunger Dent Removal
  • 37. Rotate and Balance Tires
  • 38. Foam Brush Clean Air Vents
  • 39. Extend the Life of Tires
  • 40. Kitty Litter Get Car Unstuck
  • 41. DIY Wax Car Air Freshener
  • 42. Tea Bags Remove Car Odors
  • 43. Dryer Sheets to Freshen Car
  • 44. Cool Your Car Faster Tip
  • 45. Check the Car Cooling System
  • 46. De-ice Locks with Sanitizer
  • 47. Easily Peel Window Stickers
  • 48. Consolidate Small Road Trips
  • 49. Check the Car’s Fluid Levels
  • 50. Shine Leather Car Seats

Bonus General Car Tips

If YOU let us know of other General Car Tips in the comments or contact us with the car tip, I will be happy to post them below.

  • 51. Always Have a Roll of Duct Tape in Your Car

As You can see this General Car Tips and Hacks article covers a wide variety of things. Use the Table of Contents at the top of the page to help you find your way around.

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1. Inspect Your Car on a Regular Basis

Inspect Your Car on a Regular BasisHow Often Should You Inspect Your Car? At least once a week, take a walk around your vehicle.

While you’re out for a walk, check your automobile for body damage.

Inspect your tires for wear, punctures, and cuts, as well as every lock, window, and even the sunroof.

So that you do not forget a good tip would be to inspect your car every Monday as an example.

Another general car tips would be to make yourself a list of the items you wish to check weekly.

2. Always Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Car

Always Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Car Lover TipsWhy should you always have an Emergency Kit in your car?

Having an emergency kit in your car is crucial.

In the event of an emergency whether is mechanical or health-related is good to be prepared.

Waiting for assistance in a medical emergency could risk someone’s life.

Let’s hope you never have to use this gear, but it might literally save your life if you get yourself into a bind.

What Should Be in Your Car Emergency Kit

What should be in your car emergency kit? An emergency supplies kit should be kept in the trunk of every vehicle.

Every six months, inspect the kit and replace any outdated ingredients to keep it up to date.

The following items should be included in vehicle emergency supply kits:

Depending on where you live, the time of the year, the size of your family, and your personal budget this car emergency tip may or may not need more items.

For example, you will need different items if you live in a cold climate.

Keep your family and emergency phone numbers on a waterproof container, as well as a copy of your auto insurance provider and a towing firm phone number.

Storage ContainerGeneral Car TIPS: You can get one of these 15 Gallon Durabilt Tough Storage Containers.

Gather all of your emergency items and store them all in one place.

You can even lock it so that the kids or other people do not take things out of your Car  Emergency Container.

Place it in your car trunk, secure it to the bed of your pick-up, or place it at the back of your van.

Keep it well stocked and up to date and You and your family will always be prepared.

3. Allow your floor mats to endure the brunt of the winter

Allow your floor mats to endure the brunt of the winterTo protect the carpets, use floor rubber car mats.

Rubber waffle-shaped car mats are the finest for controlling salt, slush, and mud in the winter.

They stay in place, don’t let water leak through, and are simple to clean.

Mats in the style of a carpet are also useful.

Replace them as they wear out by shaking, vacuuming, or washing them.

Since they are made out of rubber you can easily wash them with a water hose and then let them dry out in the sun.

4. For Early Morning Dew Use a Squeegee

For Early Morning Dew Use a SqueegeeHow To Clean Morning Dew From Your Car Window?

You’ll need one of these in the mornings if you park outside and your car windows are covered with dew.

It’s not enjoyable to be late for class or work because you need to wipe down your windows with tissues.

Use a simple bath squeegee to remove the water from your windshield and windows.

It will take you about 2 to 3 minutes to do it all. Then you can quickly and safely get on the road.

5. Use a Small Box To Keep Your Car Clean

Keep a small box in an easily accessible region of your vehicle and use it as your garbage can.

That way, rather than picking up individual pieces of trash, all you have to do is toss it out when it fills up.

It’s the ideal size, and the cover keeps waste contained.

A garbage bag, a standard trash can, or an old plastic container can also be used.

6. Make Sure You Have a Clean Car Air Filter

Make Sure You Have a Clean Car Air FilterWhat happens when you let your car air filter gets blocked?

When your car’s air filters are blocked or fit loosely, you can have a variety of difficulties with your car.

To keep your engine healthy, air filters block dust, pollen, and other impurities.

When the air filter is dirty, however, it restricts airflow into the engine, robbing your vehicle of power and lowering performance and fuel economy.

Read Our Post – Fuel Saving Tips to Save on Fuel While Driving Around

Every 12,000 miles, it’s advised that you replace your air filter.

Now if you drive in areas where there is a lot of dust, you may have to replace your car air filter sooner.

Check out our post that talks about all the automotive filters that should be replaced often.

7. Carefully Clean the Dash Gauges

Carefully Clean the Dash GaugesWhy you should carefully clean the Dash Gauges?

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Be very careful when you are cleaning the dash gauges as they can be easily scratched if you apply too much pressure.

Under certain lighting situations, too many scratches can make it difficult to read your gauges.

Wipe the transparent plastic lenses on your dashboard with a soft damp cloth to remove dust, grime, or anything else that may obstruct your view.

I use a microfiber cloth that has been dampened with warm water and a small amount of Dawn liquid soap.

Cleaning the plastic should be done gently. Dry off with a dry microfiber towel right away.

I’ve had a lot of success with this. Please do not use Windex or a terry cotton towel to clean your windows.

Cleaning your dash properly requires the use of a moderate, non-abrasive detergent.

8. Fix a Squeaky Fan Belt

Why Should You Fix a Squeaky Fan Belt? A car’s fan belts are one of the most important components under the hood.

It connects the engine’s cooling system to vital components such as the crankshaft pulley and alternator.

When you start your car in cold weather, does the fan belt squeak and squeal?

Consider using a belt dressing like the Permatex Belt Dressing and Conditioner.

It prevents belt screeching by eliminating slippage and maximizing power transfer for improved fan, power steering, alternator, and drive motor performance.

9. Check Your Tire Tread With a Penny

Check Your Tires Thread With a Penny Car Lover Tips

Although this car hack is a bit more complex, it is really useful.

When your treads are 4/32 of an inch or less, it’s time to replace them.

Pick up a penny and place it in one of your treads, head first.

If you can still see his head, your treads are too low and your tires need to be replaced.

Your treads are safe if his brow is still covered.

10. Tire Pressure Should Be Checked on A Regular Basis

Tire Pressure Should Be Checked on A Regular BasisWhy should you check your tire pressure often?

The fuel economy is affected by tire pressure. It also has an impact on handling and comfort.

The recommended tire pressure will be specified in the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

The tire pressure should be checked at least once a week in most cases.

I’m not sure about other countries but here in the U.S., we can check tire pressure at most gas stations.

If you wish to do it at home you can use the Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge or the AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge.

I personally prefer the AstroAI Digital version as it’s the easiest one to use of the two.

11. Clean The Inside of Your Car as Well

Every time you wash your automobile, vacuum, and sponge the interior.

Spilled liquids, such as soda, can be caustic, while dirt particles are abrasive.

Using a strong vacuum, thoroughly clean your inside. When vacuuming, use the proper wand heads.

The exposed metal wand has the potential to scratch and damage surfaces.

Clean vinyl surfaces with a light detergent and water solution sponged on.

DIY Interior Detailer Detailer Tips

EASY DIY CAR INTERIOR CLEANING TIPS Car Lover TipsDIY Car interior cleaning tips. These easy DIY interior car detailing tips and instructions will make your vehicle look brand new in no time.

What are some car interior cleaning tips and tricks? The professional detailers from the automotive Youtube channel Chicago Auto Pros in this video bring us some amazing tips about cleaning your car interior.

This is a very detailed car interior cleaning tips and tricks video that covers many tips to keep your car interior looking its best.

Read Article

12. Keep a Tissue Box in the Car

Why would you keep a box of tissue in your car
Image Source: Amazon

Why would you keep a box of tissue in your car?

Having a box of tissues in your car can be used for many reasons, like… wiping your hands, cleaning a spill, holding a sneeze, and even wiping sweat off your brow when you’re hot.

Other uses to having a tissue box in your car include: clearing up spills, wiping windows, insulating your hands from a heated steering wheel, etc.

A box of tissues comes in very handy for many things, I personally like to keep one handy to clean up kids’ spills.

You can buy them in bulk from Amazon and have one for every car in your household and for the house as well.

Make sure you have a box of tissues in your car at all times. You can just get a box and keep it on the floorboard.

If you want to have them secure they make some tissue boxes that will fit inside of your cup holder and others that will fit securely on your car visor.

13. Store Beach Trip Contents on a Laundry Basket

Store Beach Trip Contents on a Laundry Basket

Planning a trip to the beach? You can store towels, blankets, and beach toys in one or two laundry baskets.

You can use this to carry everything to the beach at the same time.

Even the little ones can help with one on each side.

At the end of the trip reverse the process.

General Car Tips – If you shake the basket before you place it back in the car, most of the sand will fall off and will not end up at the bottom of your trunk.

This will keep all of your beach gear in one place for the next outing.

14. Carry an Emergency Flashlight in Your Car

Carry an Emergency Flashlight in Your CarWhy should you have an Emergency Flashlight in your Car?

Anything can happen while on the road (Accidents, flat tires, the car breaks down, etc.).

We recommend you get yourself a Tactical Black 9-IN-1 Multi-Function Solar Powered Flashlight in your cars.

It has 9-in-1 Multi-Function life-saving tools.

It’s a hammer, cutter, magnet, USB charger, solar panel, power bank, alarm, water-resistant & shock-resistant.

My personal favorite feature about this flashlight is that you can recharge it with the sun. No batteries are needed.

My second favorite feature is that it can also charge my phone.

This is the ultimate tool that every car should have.

15. Have an Easy Way To Jump-Start Your Car

Have an Easy Way To Jump-Start Your Car

Why You Should Have a Way to Jump Your Car?

You should have a way to jump-start your car in the event that you left the car lights on, you left the ignition on overnight, or your alternator is not working properly.

You should always have a tool that lets you jump-start your car.

If you are not comfortable hooking up Jumper Cables as most people are not.  I’m actually one of them.

You can try this Portable Car Battery Jump Starter and USB Power Bank with LED Flashlight.

The DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (Battery Booster with Smart Charging Port can jump-start your car and charge your mobile gadgets.

Compact enough to keep under the seat or in your glove box.

The best feature is that you do not have to wait for another car to be available to give you a jump.

Simply pop the hood, connect the terminals, turn the DBPOWER on and your car will start.

Check out our post that talks about How To Jump Start Your Car for more details.

You will not be late to work or school due to a dead battery.

16. Use Silicone Cup Liners To Keep the Gunk at Bay

Use Silicone Cup Liners To Keep the Gunk at Bay

Have You Ever Tried to Clean Your Gunk Ridden Cup Holders?

Well, let me tell you. It is not easy to clean soda, tea, coffee encrusted cup holders.

One of my favorite vehicle hacks is these silicone cupcake liners!

In my automobile, I have one in each cup holder.

They are very cheap so I will use one for a while then throw it away and start with a brand new fresh one.

Saves me a ton of time and hassle from not having to clean my cup holders.

If you wish to take the time to clean them all you have to do is remove them and add them to your next dishwasher load.

One of my favorite general car tips!

17. Repair a Chip in the Windshield Quickly

Repair a Chip in the Windshield Quickly General Car TipsWhy Should You Repair a Windshield Chip Quickly?

Long window cracks are impossible to repair. Filling chips before they turn into cracks is therefore crucial.

Any chip that penetrates the glass surface perpendicular to the surface or at a shallow angle can be mended.

Cone-shaped chips, leaf-shaped chips, and nearly any chip that hasn’t flaked a large chunk of glass into the road fall into this category.

You can call a professional to come out and repair your windshield or you can try and do it yourself with this RainX Windshield Repair Kit.

Whichever one you decide to use make sure to fix that small chip fast before it gets too big to fix.

18. Use Toothpaste To Clean Your Headlights

Use Toothpaste To Clean Your Headlights General Car TipsWill Toothpaste clean my headlights? The oxidation of your vehicle’s headlights might cause serious visibility problems.

Grab a tube of toothpaste and a rag if your headlights aren’t working in the dark or fog and you don’t need to replace the bulbs.

Using an old rag and a small amount of toothpaste, scrub each of your headlights.

After that, dampen the clean area of the rag with water and wipe it down once more.

After you’ve finished, you should be able to see all of the grime on your rag and your headlights shining brighter.

19. Cleaning Under the Hood

Is cleaning under the hood of a car good? Can you pressure wash a car engine? How do I wash my car engine? These are some of the questions that I hear when I tell people to wash their car engines.

My reply is that cleaning under the hood It’s just as important to keep the outer engine of your car clean as it is to keep the interior engine clean.

Even tiny debris in the wrong spot might cause damage to your engine if not cleaned properly.

While checking your brake fluid, for example, some grease may fall into it.

Dirt, oil, grime, and debris may hurt your engine, even if it’s on the outside.

Plus it’s always nice to see a clean engine when you pop the hood of a car.

Steps to Cleaning Under the Hood of a Car

Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser

Washing your car’s engine is not a very hard task.

It can be accomplished in just a few steps.

I could always find a service that will perform a car wash engine cleaning near me.

But I’m more of a hands-on kind of person so here we go to wash this engine.

Make sure the car is cool.  If it was running recently wait at least 30 minutes.  DO NOT wash a hot car engine.

Remove plastic covers that can be cleaned separately. Plus it will give you more access to other parts of the engine.

Get some safety gear. Heavy-duty neoprene gloves to protect your hands. Also, a good pair of safety glasses may prove helpful to keep you safe.

Disconnect the battery.  Alternatively, you can disconnect and remove the battery to be on the safe side.

Use a good engine degreaser spray and make sure you cover EVERYTHING in the engine compartment, and I do mean everything.

Rinse the car engine. There are several options to rinse your car engine.  If you have a pressure washer you could use that, but a simple hose with a good sprayer fitting will do the trick just fine.

If it’s clean enough you can let it dry, put everything back together, and enjoy the look of your new clean car engine.

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See, cleaning under the hood of a car was not that hard.

20. Use Nail Polish to Cover Up Scratches

Does nail polish cover car scratches? Clear nail polish works just as well for scratches that aren’t too deep.

Clear nail polish can hide scratches on the glass without fading or harming it.

Apply a thin layer of polish to the scratch with the polish brush.

Any grooves created by the scratch will be filled in with clear polish.

Allow an hour for the polish to dry before wiping it away with a clean towel dipped in nail polish remover.

21. Use Vinegar Spray to De-Ice Your Windshield

If you reside in a location where the winters are exceptionally harsh, your windshield may be frozen.

When you get out of bed in the morning, you can find a thick layer of ice on your windshield that your defroster can’t seem to get rid of on its own.

To melt ice quickly, in a spray bottle combine vinegar and water and keep it ready to use.

General Car Tips: Vinegar can be used to safely clean many parts of your car.

22. Place Your Vehicle in The Shade


Car Solar Fan
Car Solar Fan (Amazon)

Should You Park Your Car in The Shade?

Try parking your car in the shade every chance you get.

Of course, parking your automobile in a garage is always the best option.

If one isn’t accessible, attempt to park your car in the shade to prevent inside damage from UV rays and heat.

Use a car shade to reduce the sun’s influence if there is no shade available or if driving under a tree results in bird droppings.

If you have to park in the sun you can get a Funny Windshield Sun Screen. They come in many designs, shapes, and sizes.  Some you can even have custom-made.

Another choice is to get a car solar fan. It will vent the hot air out of your car, therefore, lowering the temperature inside your car.

They are solar-powered so they will work all day as long as there is sunlight.

23. Use A Tennis Ball To Save Your Garage

Use A Tennis Ball To Save Your Garage

Some drivers are unsure of how far they should pull into their garage.

Another leisure item can assist you in safely entering your garage.

First and foremost, you must successfully park in the designated area.

When you arrive, get out of your vehicle and make a visual notation of where your windshield is in relation to the rest of the garage.

Pull it out of the garage and hang a tennis ball from a string near the driver’s side of the vehicle.

You’ll know you’ve parked your car correctly when your windshield hits the tennis ball.

24. Keep your Headlights Level

Keep your Headlights Level General Car TipsWhy should you keep headlights level? Your headlights should be level since pointing them at the ground generates glare on the road.

This reduces your ability to see far down the road.

If your headlights are aimed too high, they may shine into space and reflect off nothing, rendering them completely useless!

When you park in front of a level surface once a month check to see if both headlights are operating correctly and are appropriately positioned.

Visually inspect both turn signals and parking lights by walking around your automobile.

To ensure that your brake lights are working, ask a friend to stand behind the car while you activate the brakes.

How to Keep Headlights Level

How do you level your headlights? Turn on your lights and pull the automobile as close to the wall as possible. You’ll be able to locate the low-beam headlight centers this way. With a single piece of horizontal tape running through the middle, mark both areas. Make a two-foot vertical tape marking that runs across the middle of the low beams once more.

25. Brake The Glass In An Emergency

Brake The Glass In An Emergency

The metal spikes that attach your headrest to your seat can be used to break the glass.

If you ever need to get out of your car and can’t open the door.

The best way to use them is to push them into the gap at the bottom of the window and pry them open.

You can also get the GoDeCho Vehicle Window Glass Breaker. In an emergency, this tool can break the window, as well as cut the seat belt.

This is a 2 pack set so you can have one in your car and another in your wife/husband’s car.

Share these general car tips with someone you know.

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26. Select a Reputable Auto Insurance provider

No matter how careful you are, calamity will strike at some point—usually in the form of an accident.

Find an insurer that will pay for parts from the original manufacturer and guarantee the repairs it allows to ensure that your automobile is repaired to the highest possible standard.

I tried several car insurance companies before I found one that works great with me.

27. Extend the Range of Your Key Fob

How can I extend the reach of My Key FobHow can I extend the reach of My Key Fob?

To get the most range out of your key fob, place the key fob under your chin and push the unlock button.

This will increase the range of your Key fob by using your head as an antenna.

Use this approach if you’re hopelessly lost in a parking lot and can’t find your car.

If you have the habit of forgetting where you parked. Now you don’t have to waste an hour walking about attempting to get in range of the automobile.

28. Examine Your Car Battery

Why should I check my car battery often General Car TipsWhy should I check my car battery often?

One of the most critical components for your car’s operation is the battery.

The car’s battery is in charge of supplying a significant amount of electrical current to the starter, engine, and other electronic components.

Extreme temperatures have an impact on the battery’s function, so testing it on a regular basis will guarantee that it works when you need it to.

View this post that answers 50+ car battery questions for more information.

29. Vaseline Car Polish General Car Tips

Vaseline Car Polish General Car Tips
Vaseline Car Polish

Can you use Vaseline to polish your car?

You can use Vaseline to polish several parts of the interior and exterior of your car.

Clean the dashboard of your automobile using a mixture of water and cleaning solution.

Once it’s dry, use a clean towel to apply a little amount of Vaseline.

Remove any extra Vaseline with a damp cloth.

This does an excellent job of conditioning and shining the dashboard.

30. Do Not Fuel Up If You See a Fuel Tanker

Do Not Fuel Up If You See a Fuel Tanker General Car TipsWhy Should You Not Fuel Up if You See a Fuel Tanker?

The reason you should not fuel up is that the turbulence might stir up sediment while the station’s subsurface tanks are filled.

Sediment in your gas can clog fuel filters and injectors, resulting in decreased performance and the need for repairs.

Come back another day or go to a different station if you observe a gasoline tanker filling the tanks at your neighborhood gas station.

Much cheaper to go down the street to the next gas station than it would cost for the repairs on your car.

31. Find Out Where Your Gas Tank is in a Flash

Find Out Where Your Gas Tank is in a Flash General Car TipsHave you forgotten which side your gas tank is on?

In the event that you are using a friend’s car, renting a car, or for some other reason driving a car that you are not used to driving… you may not know on which side the gas tank is.

There is a quick way to find out on which side of the car your gas tank is in… Check your fuel gauge for a gas symbol.

You will find an arrow pointing to the side of your gas tank that can help you remember which direction to park.

32. Spark Plug Replacement Should Be Done Often

Spark Plug Replacement Should Be Done OftenWhy do spark plugs need to be replaced?

The efficiency of your car’s engine may be affected by spark plugs.

They’re in charge of igniting the gas-air mixture that eventually powers your car.

As a result, when the spark plugs don’t work properly, the engine loses power and doesn’t perform to its full potential.

So have a professional inspect your spark plugs and replace them if they’re faulty.

When Should Spark Plugs Be Replaced

When to Replace Spark Plugs? Spark plugs are relatively long-lasting components that don’t need to be replaced frequently; however, the typical advice is every 30,000 to 90,000 miles. When it comes to car replacement, every vehicle is different.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Spark Plugs

How much would spark plug replacement cost? If you have your car serviced by a professional, the cost of a Spark Plug Replacement would be between $200 and $250 on average. Labor costs are expected to range between $120 and $180, with parts costing $50-$100.

33. DO NOT Warm Up The Engine in The Driveway

Universal Car Remote Starter
Universal Car Remote Starter (Amazon)

Why should you not warm up your engine in the driveway?

When you warm up the engine in the driveway you get incomplete fuel combustion, soot deposits on cylinder walls, and oil pollution.

Eventually, damaged components occur from the engine not operating at its max temperature.

Also from personal experience, bad things can happen when you try to save time by warming up the engine.

Let me tell you a couple of quick stories of things that happened to me while warming up my car in the driveway.

  1. I woke up in the morning, got dressed walked to the car, and started the engine. As I was walking away and as a habit, I locked and closed the door.  Yeap.  You know it. I locked the keys in the car while the car was warming up. Had to call a locksmith and was late to work.
  2.  Another time, I did the usual, woke up, got dressed started the car… I know sounds familiar but wait… this time I did not lock the door. But as I was stepping away from the car, someone got into the car and took off. Again I was late for work and had to call the cops this time.  Luckily the car was found a few miles away. The next day!

So to close up, warming up the engine in your driveway is NOT always a good idea.

If you want to get fancy you can install a Universal Car Remote Starter. Install this cool gadget in your car and you can start your car from the comfort of your kitchen with your phone.

34. Using a Car Seat Warmer to Keep Your Food Warm

Your seat warmer can keep other items warm in addition to keeping your butt from freezing.

When you take up food that has to be kept warm, turn it on.

This one comes in handy when picking up pizza.

35. Have a Car Vacuum Handy To Keep Your Car Clean

Car Vacuum
car vacuum (Amazon)

Why should you keep a car vacuum handy? In my car, this auto vacuum is one of the must-have, non-negotiable equipment.

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When it comes to keeping the car clean, it’s a lifesaver!

Having kids in the car you know something is going to get spilled.

After each trip, I can throw out the garbage and give it a quick vacuum to keep my car generally clean.

This car vacuum is very little, so when you’re not using it, you can tuck it beneath one of the seats.

It connects to the cigarette lighter in the car and extends all the way to the back of my car.

36. Use a Toilet Plunger To Repair a Dent

Use a Toilet Plunger To Repair a Dent General Car TipsCan you use a toilet plunger to remove a car dent?

Body repair can be quite costly so anything that you can do yourself will save you money.

Fortunately, smaller dents may be removed with hot soapy water and a toilet plunger.

Pour the hot water over the car’s dented surface. The material becomes softer as a result of this.

Firmly attach the plunger around the dent.

Pull straight out with the plunger over the indented region.

Your ding should pop right out. Wipe it all clean and you are done.

Car Dent Remover
car dent remover (Amazon)

Mind you these general car tips are for small dents in your car. Anything too big you may have to take it to a shop.

If you are not comfortable with the Toilet Plunger idea, you can use one of these car dent pullers that use the same general idea.

A suction cup that attaches to where the car dent is and pulls. I tried it a couple of times and I was very happy with the results.

The dent just popped right out. Not a bad deal for me.

37. Rotate and Balance Your Tires

Rotate and Balance Your TiresWhy should you rotate and balance your tires?

Tire rotation is essential for maintaining your vehicle’s safety and performance.

It improves the steering response and, of course, the ride quality of your vehicle.

Rotating your tires allows them to wear evenly and helps to improve the life of the tires.

Check your car’s tire pressure at least once a month, and even more frequently if you’re going on a long trip or carrying a heavy load.

The amount of air pressure required for your car’s tires will be specified in the owner’s handbook.

How Often to Rotate and Balance Tires

How often should I rotate and balance my tires? Approximately every 7,000 miles, all four tires should be rotated and balanced, according to most manufacturers. Having your tires rotated and balanced roughly every other time you have your oil changed is a fantastic way to stay on track with this advice.

—– Check out our post that provides information on Rotating Your Tires.

How Much Does Tire Rotation and Balance Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Rotate and Balance My Tires? The typical tire rotation and balance cost is between $60 and $120. The cost of labor is projected to be between $60 and $120. This range excludes taxes and fees, as well as your individual car and geographic region. Other repairs may also be required.

How Long Does It Take to Rotate and Balance Tires

How Long Does It Take to Rotate and Balance Tires? It would take about an hour to properly rotate and balance your tires. A tire rotation usually takes around 20 minutes. Balancing all four tires would take about 40 minutes.

250 Real Car Tips From The Experts

250 Real Car Tips & Tricks From The Experts - Car Lover Tips

250 Real Car Tips From The Experts. Real car tips video from people who have been taking care of cars for many years.

Nothing like getting 250 Real Car Tips from a professional to show you the proper way around your car.

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38. Use a Foam Brush to Clean Car Air Vents

Your car’s air vents can become filthy and dusty over time.

Cleaning them out, on the other hand, is simple.

Pick out a foam brush at very affordable prices and use it to easily wipe out all of the hard-to-reach muck.

You can also use a Cleaning Gel Tool that professional detailers use.

39. Extend the Life of Your Tires

drive carefully to extend the life of your tires General Car TipsHow to extend the life of your tires.

There are several things that you could do to extend the life of your tires.

Some of them are… Stick to the posted speed limits. Fast starts, pauses, drive carefully to extend the life of your tires, and tight turns should be avoided.

Avoid potholes and other road hazards. When parking, avoid running over curbs or hitting the tire against the curb.

Also, never, ever burn rubber. Well, almost never. 🙂

40. Use Kitty Litter To Get Your Car Unstuck

Use Kitty Litter To Get Your Car UnstuckWould kitty litter get my car unstuck in the snow?

The ice and snow may be a serious hazard, so keep these pointers in mind to avoid becoming stranded.

Keeping a couple of large bags of kitty litter in your vehicle has two advantages.

It will not only put weight on your back tires to improve traction, but it will also save your life if you become stuck.

Pour some kitty litter around your tires and feet if your tires are spinning on the snow or ice to boost traction and decrease slippage.

It does not have to be top-of-the-line kitty litter, those we save for the cats.

41. DIY Wax Car Air Freshener

DIY Wax Car Air Freshener General Car TipsWould using wax help my car smell good?

Put a couple of scented wax cubes in a mason jar with holes in the lid to make your own air freshener.

It does not have to be new wax.  You can use leftovers from old candles as well.

If you have lids that do not have holes on them, you can easily drill a few holes to let the smell out.

You can also buy some mason jar lids that already have holes from amazon here.

The wax melts as the car heats up in the summer sun, and you have an instant DIY Car Air Freshener.

Put it in one of the cupholders in your automobile and just enjoy the scents coming out of them on a hot day.

General Car Tips: If you want to do it on the cheap side, get any used glass jar that has a lid. I.e. Jelly Jar. Use these used jars, old candle pieces, a quick bow from leftover material and you got your own instant DIY Car Air Freshener for free.

42. Use Tea Bags to Remove Car Odors

Use Tea Bags to Remove Car Odors General Car TipsWould tea bags make my car smell better? Place several tea bags around your car and they will suck up all the odors in your car.

If you don’t want to hang a teabag in your car, make a small smell baggie instead.

Simply stuff a tiny wool towel with tea, herbs (like lavender), or scented oils, knot it up tightly, and hang it in your car.

You will enjoy a more natural and soothing experience on your longest journeys this way.

43. Freshen Your Car By Using Dryer Sheets

Would a dryer sheet make my car smell better? If your car has a funky smell you can use dryer sheets to freshen up your car and to smell better.

Dryer sheets can be used to refresh just about anything.

Leave them beneath the seats of your car to maintain the inside odor-free without using one of those pine tree air fresheners.

44. Cool Your Car Faster on a Hot Day

Do you live in a hot climate? As you may be aware, the inside of the car is constantly really hot.

Only the driver’s side window should be fully opened. Turn around and wave the passenger door back and forth from the opposite side.

This is the quickest way to remove heat from your vehicle. If you use the air conditioner, keep your window cracked open to allow the heat to escape.

In about 2 minutes your car will be a whole lot cooler.

45. Check to See If Your Car Cooling System is Working

Check to See if Your Car Cooling System is Working General Car TipsTo perform efficiently and effectively, your car’s cooling system and radiator must be clean.

With typical wear and tear, a deposit forms on your car’s radiator, causing the cooling system to malfunction.

You can keep your cooling system in good shape fast and affordably with a radiator flush.

You can check your car’s manual to see if the radiator needs to be flushed once a year or every two years.

How often should I check if my car cooling system is working

Any car with more than 50,000 miles on it should have its cooling system checked on a regular basis. Even if the cooling system appears to be working properly and the reservoir is full, check for signs of rust, leaks, and to ensure it has adequate cooling and overheating protection.

How Often to Flush Radiator

How often should you flush a radiator? If there are no other symptoms that your radiator needs to be flushed, you should do it at least every 30,000 miles or according to the frequency indicated in your owner’s handbook.

What Does The Radiator Flush Cost

How much does it cost to flush a radiator? A coolant system flush costs between $120 and $180 on average. At least four gallons of radiator coolant, a radiator conditioner, and a radiator flush cleaner are all recommended.

46. De-ice Keyholes with Hand Sanitizer

Would hand sanitizer De-Ice Locks? Apply hand sanitizer to the key and try to get as much as possible inside the lock.

To unlock the lock, insert the key. Repeat the instructions if the lock is still frozen.

Alcohol in hand sanitizer will melt the ice and you will be able to open the door.

47. Easily Peel Car Stickers Off Your Window

There are several reasons why you would want to remove car stickers.

  • You do not like the stickers anymore
  • The sticker is faded and falling apart
  • You are selling the car and these old car stickers have to go
  • Or you just bought a car that has too many car stickers

Is there a way to peel off old car stickers? Here’s how to get rid of all those old car stickers. Wait a few minutes after applying rubbing alcohol to the sticker.

Remove the sticker from the window. Remove as much of the sticker as you can.

Wait a few minutes after spraying WD-40 on the remaining sticker bits and residue.

48. Consolidate All of Your Small Road Trips

The majority of your car’s wear and tear, as well as the pollution it produces, occurs in the first few minutes of driving.

Not to mention gas prices today, the less you make unnecessary trips the more money you will save in fuel on the long run.

Doing multiple errands at once, preferably during low-traffic hours, helps keep your engine happier for longer.

49. Check Your Car’s Fluid Levels Regularly

Even if you are not a “gear head,” knowing how to replace your fluids is one of the most fundamental general car tips that a car owner could use.

Not only your windshield fluid, because everyone knows where to go for the prominently labeled canister beneath the hood of their automobile.

You should know how to replace ALL of your fluids because there’s nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the road due to an issue that you could have simply fixed yourself.

50. Olive Oil Will Shine Up Your Leather Car Seats

The solution, believe it or not, can be found in your kitchen cabinet: olive oil.

Using a microfiber cloth, rub in VERY SMALL quantities and polish in circular motions.

It’s best to do this every two or three months, or you’ll wind up with a sticky buildup.

51. Bonus General Car Tips – Always Have a Roll of Duct Tape in Your Car

Duct Tape
Rolls of duct tape (Amazon)

Why would you need to have a roll of duct tape in your car?

Having a roll of Duct Tape in the trunk of your car will come in very handy for many reasons.

I cannot count how many times a roll of duct tape has helped me in the past.

The list below is from things that have actually happened to me.

Some Reasons to Carry Duct Tape in Your Car

  • A part of your car body or suspension comes loose
  • Use as a bandaid or part of first aid
  • Make a Temporary Patch for a Broken Car Window
  • Temporary Patch for a Radiator hose leak
  • Secure Luggage on your car roof
  • Fix Bodywork After an Accident
  • Patch Up Your Exhaust Leak
  • Stop a Coolant Leak
  • Emergency belt for your car (very temporary) 
  • Tape vinyl or cloth upholstery of your seat

There are many reasons why you should have a roll or two in your car.

General Car Tips: Do not buy a cheap brand of duct tape.  Spend a little extra. Trust me you will not be sorry.

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