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50+ Frequently Asked Car Battery Questions and Answers

Car Battery Questions and Answers Car Lover Tips

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Car Battery Questions and Answers – Most people do not know much about car batteries.

It is just a part of the car to them. A car battery is one of the most important parts of a vehicle since without that your car will not start. Therefore, the significance of a battery in any vehicle cannot be neglected.

Frequently Asked Car Battery Questions

Most people do not think much about the battery that is in their car. Out of sight out of mind.  But when things happen they have a lot of automotive battery questions.

This is the reason we wrote this article with the most frequently asked car battery questions.

Frequently Asked Car Battery Questions AND Answers Car Lover Tips

Below are the most often-asked questions and answers about car batteries.

  • What Does a Car Battery Do?
  • How Long Do Car Batteries Last?
  • What Types of Car Batteries Are Available?
  • How Dangerous is a Car Battery?
  • What’s The Best Battery For My Car?
  • Are Used Car Batteries Any Good?
  • How To Check Battery?
  • How Much Does a Battery Cost?
  • Why Does My Battery Keep Dying?
  • How to Check If Battery Is Good Or Bad?
  • What Are The Signs Your Battery is Dying?
  • How to Jump-Start a Car?
  • How To Know If Battery is Dead?
  • What To Do When Battery is Dead?
  • How To Disconnect Battery?
  • How To Replace a Battery?
  • What To Do With Old Car Batteries?
  • Battery Warranty
  • Automotive Battery GEAR You May Need

We will discuss this car battery question and answer below.  Read on below for more information.

What Does a Car Battery Do?

What exactly does a car battery do? A car battery gives the electricity that is required for your car’s electrical parts to work.

By converting chemical energy your car creates electrical energy that provides the voltage needed.

The battery from your car powers your alternator to start the car, your lights to shine your way, your radio to keep you entertained, your car charger to power up and recharge your phone, and all the electrical parts of your car.

On a deeper view, the battery in your car regulates the voltage generated from your alternator to keep things running smoothly.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

How long do car batteries usually last? The average lifespan of a car’s battery is between two to five years.

The warranty with every new car battery is one year and you can easily scoop out an additional one year afterward.

However, if proper care is taken with the battery, the battery could last up to 5 years without any problems or issues.

Having said that we found similar questions that other people have asked about how long would a car battery last.

  • How Long Should Auto Battery Last?
  • Will the Car Battery Last Long Without Driving The Car?
  • How Many Years Does a Battery Last?
  • What Brand of Battery lasts the Longest?
  • How Long Does a Battery Last Without Charging?
  • How Long Will My Battery Last Without An Alternator?
  • Can a Vehicle Battery Last 8 Years or More?

Read more about the lifetime of your battery below.

How Long Should a Car Battery Last?

How long should a car battery last? We would all love for the battery in our car to live as long as the car.  Sadly that is not the case.

I have had the same battery in my van for more than 6 years, on the other hand, the battery of my car lasted only 3 years before I had to replace it.

Read Our Post – How To Make Your Car Last For a Long Time

It really depends on maintenance, type of battery, how often you drive your car, and other factors.

Another thing to consider is that old saying… “You get what you pay for”. If you get the best battery for your car even though it will cost a tad more, there is a good chance it will last longer.

Generally, a new car battery should last between 2 to 4 years.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last Without Driving?

How long does a car battery last without driving? If your car is parked and not being driven, the battery is in good condition, the automotive battery when fully charged should last 2 to 3 months before the power drains.

If it sits idle for more than 2 months though you are pushing your luck.

Past that when you try to start the car it may not have enough juice to start.

If you are not driving your car I would suggest at the very least you should start it once a week and reb up the engine for a few minutes.

That will at least get some juice going into the battery and recharge some of the energy it has lost if any.

How Many Years Does a Car Battery Last?

How many years does a car battery last? 2 to 5 years would be the optimal lifetime of your battery.

Past 5 years, consider yourself lucky and should at the very least start planning to replace that battery soon.

Planning ahead will make a situation (your car battery died) turn into an easy problem to fix.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last Without Charging?

How long does a car battery last without charging? A battery that is left without being charged will keep its charge for about 2 weeks.

Leaving it for about 2-3 months will most likely become totally discharged and you will not be able to use it to start your car.

What Brand of Car Battery lasts the Longest?

What brand of car battery will last the longest?  The brand of car battery that lasts the longest is widely considered to be Optima. Known for their high-quality materials and advanced technology, Optima batteries are designed to provide superior performance and durability.

With their tightly packed cells and sturdy construction, Optima batteries are able to withstand extreme conditions and maintain a consistent level of power over an extended period of time.

This makes them a popular choice for drivers seeking a reliable and long-lasting car battery. But I will mention the top 4 car batteries that will last the longest.

  • Optima Redtop RedTop Car Starting Battery
  • Exide Edge Sealed Automotive Battery
  • Exide Edge Sealed Automotive Battery
  • ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T Automotive Battery

Let us discuss more about each one below.

Optima Redtop Car Starting Battery

Optima Redtop RedTop Car Starting Battery

The Optima Redtop Car Batteries have worked great for me for many years.  Currently, it has an amazing review rating on Amazon. Optimal starting power even in bad weather.  12-Volt, 720 Cold Cranking Amps.

Exide Edge Sealed Automotive Battery

Exide Edge Sealed Automotive Battery

Beats traditional batteries across life tests including hefty use of unpredictable traffic with high electrical requests. Dominates in one of the hardest auto pressure tests demonstrating supported starting power.

ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T Automotive Battery

ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T Automotive Battery

I’ve used Odyssey Car batteries in the past, and honestly, I found them to be very reliable and long-lasting. The Odyssey car batteries have a rapid recovery, great starting power, and the ability to deep cycle.

ACDelco Gold Hybrid Vehicle Battery

ACDelco Gold Hybrid Vehicle Battery

ACDelco Car Batteries has a good reputation in the industry. Work very well while draining and recharging. Their batteries are unique ways to hold the sulfuric acid that improves the performance of the battery.

How Long Will My Car Battery Last Without An Alternator?

How Long Will My Car Battery Last Without An Alternator? In 30 minutes to a couple of hours, your battery will last without being charged by the alternator.

Sadly, I had to test this the hard way once.  My alternator clunked out on me and my battery died.

After giving my battery a jump, I was just far enough from the auto parts store to make it.

The car died on me as I was pulling into the auto parts store parking lot. It was about 35 minutes or so from the moment I jumped in the car till the time it died.

Luckily, It made it and I was able to buy a new alternator, replace it in the parking lot and I was on my way… After another jump.

Can a Car Battery Last 8 Years or More?

Can a Car Battery Last 8 Years or More? The Short answer is Yes. The long answer is that most likely not.

It will be rare for the battery in your car to last more than 8 years. Most batteries will last from 2 to 5 years.

If the lifetime of your battery goes beyond 8 years, consider yourself lucky.

What Types of Car Batteries Are Available?

What Types of Car Batteries Are Available Car Lover Tips

What types of car batteries are available today? It is important that we learn about the types of car batteries present on the market currently.

There are two types of car batteries or automotive batteries that you can find currently on the market.

The difference between them is very nominal, but we will state both of the types and their working.

Both types of car batteries are also known as lead batteries as they consist of lead which is responsible for generating the required current and voltage for the working of instruments related to the battery.

The two types of batteries are:

  • Conventional Lead Battery
  • Dry Lead Battery

Read more below about these two types of car batteries.

Conventional Lead Battery

The conventional lead battery that has been used in vehicles from the very start is still used in many new cars.

This type of battery functions properly and can easily be monitored to maintain better performance.

The conventional Lead battery as the name suggests consists of lead that generates current with a reaction with the electrolyte present in the battery.

The electrolyte for the reaction in the battery is sulfuric acid which is poured into the cells.

These batteries have to be monitored from time to time to check if the solution of sulfuric acid is becoming less which can affect the efficiency of the battery.

Thus, to maintain this type of battery is important that the user timely add sulfuric acid and maintain the recommended level to keep the battery healthy.

Dry Lead Battery

Dry Lead Battery is the modernized variant of the conventional lead battery.

The dry lead battery as the name suggests has similar properties and works as a conventional lead battery with a twist.

Instead of worrying about the level of sulfuric acid solution in the battery to maintain its performance, the dry battery comes up with a solution to this problem.

Dry Lead batteries contain a dry gel as an electrolyte which does not need to be maintained every now and then.

Due to this functionality of the dry lead battery, it is also known as the maintenance-free battery as the user doesn’t have to worry about maintaining the solution level of the battery.

How Dangerous is a Car Battery?

How Dangerous is a Car Battery - Car Lover Tips

Having to mess around with batteries you may wonder; Are car batteries dangerous? One significant thing that the users should know is that a car battery can be dangerous.

The car batteries emit hydrogen gas, which is an explosive gas. You should avoid connecting both jumper cables to the battery because a spark might be produced.

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The spark, hence, can lead to an explosion owing to the emission of hydrogen gas. If a battery is frozen, never try to jump-start it.

As for safety precautions, you should always wear gloves to prevent direct contact of your hand with acids that the batteries might spill.

These acids are capable of burning your skin. You should always wear eye protection.

Sometimes a spark is also lit between some metal parts and a car battery terminal, which can also get hot enough to burn your hand.

Another danger is that if a cable gets short-circuited by the battery, it can catch on fire.

Hence, safety precautions and careful handling are crucial.

What’s The Best Battery For My Car?

If your car battery is dead and you have to replace it, then finding the best suitable car battery can be a difficult task.

The first step is to find a local service station or a battery shop that deals with car batteries.

Once you find a trusted dealer refer to your car’s manual and find the recommended battery size.

The battery size depends on the ampere output of a battery. If you cannot find your car’s manual check the installed battery size and replace it with a similar battery size.

Once you get to know your battery size the next step is to analyze the different brand offerings, opting for the new modernized dry lead battery with zero maintenance is a wiser choice as they do not require frequent check-ups and maintenance.

Lastly, analyze if the battery comes with a warranty. Every new battery comes with a warranty and it is important that you buy a battery with a warranty to be at ease.

Are Used Car Batteries Any Good?

One may argue that the price of a new car battery is very expensive and you should opt for a used car battery which can save you a significant amount.

However, you should not opt for a battery that has been used for more than 3 months as it may have weakened cells.

Charging these cells may work perfectly but they will get weakened over time and won’t have a warranty as well.

Therefore, you should opt for a new battery as it is a better option to opt for.

How To Check Car Battery?

Now as we discussed the importance of maintaining your car battery we will look into the matter of what things need to be done to keep it maintained and working properly with full efficiency for the longest time.

You can either perform a car battery check on your own or get to a nearby service station near you that can check and analyze your battery.

This will give you an insight into the true condition of your battery.

How often should you check your car battery? The majority of car brands recommend that you should get your battery tested at least twice a year.

If you live in a cold climate, inspect your battery late in the fall and once again later in the spring.

Very hot and very cold weather is a very common cause of battery breakdown.

To perform a car battery check you can use different methods;

  • Check the Car Battery With a Multimeter
  • Checking the battery using a battery monitor

So let’s not waste any more time and start with the guide on how to test the battery of your car with the use of a multimeter or car battery monitor.

How To Check Car Battery With a Multimeter?

What is a Multimeter? A multimeter is used to measure current and voltage which can also be used to test the battery of any vehicle.

However, the battery monitor is made for the basic purpose of monitoring the health and condition of a vehicle’s battery, making it the best device to test your car’s battery.

Before moving forward to the guide of checking the car battery using a multimeter, we will first analyze why it is important to check the battery of your car.

The answer to that, as we discussed earlier is that the car battery is responsible for a lot of different factors and operations but the most important of them all is the starting of the engine.

If the battery of your car is not healthy enough to start the starting motor, your car won’t start and will leave you with a dead car that won’t get you anywhere.

Thus, checking and maintaining your car battery is very important to keep your car running smoothly.

Steps to Test Car Battery With Multimeter

Testing Your Car Battery With a Multimeter is very simple and can be done by following the steps below.

  • To check your car battery with a multimeter the first step is to open the hood of your car and locate where your battery is.
  • Once you find your car battery the next step is to connect the positive wire of the multimeter to the positive terminal of the battery. (Mostly the positive terminal has a red cover and a + sign, if you cannot find any of them the positive terminal is bigger than the negative terminal)
  • Afterward, connect the negative wire of the multimeter to the negative terminal of the battery. (The negative terminal has a – sign)
  • Now check the car battery voltage with a multimeter. A good-health battery will display a reading of 12V. If the reading is below 12 then your battery health is compromised and needs maintenance.
  • Now start the engine of your car and check for the reading again, this time the reading should be above 10V. If the reading is below 10V then the battery is not in a good condition and should be maintained or replaced.

Testing Battery With A Car Battery Monitor

What is a Car Battery Monitor? As the name suggests Car battery monitor is equipment that is used to monitor the health of your car battery.

The preinstalled car battery monitor is connected to the terminals of the battery and can easily monitor the performance and health of the battery.

Many new vehicles come with battery monitors preinstalled in their car monitoring system which can give you an indication of the information cluster of your vehicle.

However, if you own an old vehicle that does not have a car battery monitor. There are hundreds of products that you can buy that can be installed on your car or work as separate equipment to test your battery.

There are even some new wireless car battery monitors that you can install in your car to see the health and status of your battery.

If the battery’s health is compromised or weak, the battery monitor gives a warning sign to the user on their information cluster to check the battery.

With this, we hope that you will be able to identify the health of your car battery and take the required action to it is healthy to eliminate any unfortunate event when the battery gets weakened.

One of the most asked questions is how much does a car battery cost. We will discuss this issue in brief below.

How to Install A Car Battery Monitor

To install a separate battery monitor you can follow the steps given below:

  • To check your car battery with a battery monitor the first step is to open the hood of your car and locate where your battery is.
  • Once you find your battery the next step is to connect the positive wire of the car battery monitor to the positive terminal of the battery. (Mostly the positive terminal has a red cover and a + sign, if you cannot find any of them the positive terminal is bigger than the negative terminal)
  • Afterward, connect the negative wire of the car battery monitor to the negative terminal of the battery. (The negative terminal has a – sign)
  • Once both the terminals are attached run the battery monitor.
  • The battery monitor will showcase the current battery health percentage from which you can evaluate if your car battery requires maintenance or needs to be replaced.

Installing an automotive battery monitor in your car will take you about 15-30 minutes. with very simple tools.

How Much Does a Car Battery Cost?

How Much Does a Car Battery Cost Car Lover Tips

How much does a car battery cost? Car battery replacement cost depends mostly on a few factors.

Brand, warranty, cranking capacity and life expectancy of the car battery will make prices vary quite a bit.

In the end though, what concerns the patrons the most is the price. New car batteries cost up to $70 to $500.

It really all depends on your budget.  My car battery cost tip would be to shop around before your battery dies.

Unless it’s an emergency, you have plenty of time to shop around for the best price as car batteries will last from two to five years.

Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying?

Why does my car battery keep dying? There are many reasons why your car battery may be dying all the time.

The most common reasons why your car battery died are…

  • Too many drains on your electrical system
  • There is a problem with your alternator
  • Corroded or loose battery connectors
  • The Battery is Too Old
  • Bad Connections (Electrical Short)
  • Extreme weather may kill your battery
  • Battery left for too long without being charged

Any or all of the above options will kill your battery or drain it to the point that it will not start your car.

I had a car once where my car battery keeps dying. The alternator was good, I did not have any extra equipment ( no big stereo or speakers ). Nor did I have any extra lights added.

Yet the car battery kept dying on me and leaving me stranded.

Sometimes I could give it a jump and other times it would not even take charge.

Finally, I took the time to really find out what the problem was with my battery dying all the time.

Found an electrical short that kept drawing battery juice all night. Quickly fixed it and never had that problem again.

How to Check If Car Battery Is Good Or Bad?

How to Check If Car Battery Is Good Or Bad Car Lover Tips

Is Your Car Battery Good Or Bad? There are two ways through which you can test whether your battery is well or not.

One is load testing and the other is electronic battery testing. Load testing is a way of measuring the amperes produced through a charged battery.

The amperes produced should be very large, in amount, because it needs to provide dual power: 1) To start the motor. 2) turn on the car’s engine.

How will you know that the battery failed in a load test? The answer is simple. If the battery holds a lot of voltage and then suddenly drops, that means there is a problem with the battery.

The voltage may even drop to 0 suddenly. This is a sign that your battery is bad.

The second way is the electronic battery tester. It tests the state of a battery and the remaining capacity of a battery’s overall charge.

This device is very effortless to use and also gives accurate and straightforward results in no time. In this method, a person applies a load to the battery and then monitors the voltage produced.

The results are either shown on an LCD screen which is easy to read or they can also be displayed through bars and graphs.

The display of the results depends on the model of the electronic battery tester.

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What Are The Signs Your Car Battery is Dying?

Without a battery, your car simply isn’t functional. An inconvenient event is when your car battery suddenly dies.

If your car battery dies, it may cause you to be late for work or miss an important meeting.

But the good news is that there are several ways to know if your battery is on the verge of dying and needs to be replaced.

Seven Signs Car Battery Is Dying

  1. Slow Cranking
  2. Check engine light/battery warning light:
  3. Your Battery is Too Old
  4. Electrical Component Issues
  5. Swollen Battery Case
  6. Awful Smell Coming From The Battery
  7. Multiple Jump Starts Needed

Regular maintenance is really important to extend the life of your car battery.

The signs your car battery is dying below show that your car battery needs a replacement or reconditioning.

Taking care of the car battery makes a huge sense as every third car breakdown is caused by battery failure.

Today’s cars are complex systems loaded with electronic equipment at the heart of it all is the battery.

It is very crucial as it powers everything from the car’s ignition to permanent vehicle electric systems to onboard entertainment systems.

Although battery technology has evolved enormously, there are several factors that can affect battery lifespan such as extreme temperatures ash climatic conditions.

Eventually, the condition of the car running depends on how good your car battery condition is and for how long will it last.

We will discuss the signs your car battery is dying in more detail below.

1. Slow Cranking

If your car doesn’t start up the first few times you try, it is probably because of a low battery charge.

Your car battery may have gone bad if your starter is constantly having problems.

If that’s the case, it may be time to replace your automotive battery.

You may be able to give it a jump that will take you as far as the auto shop or the auto parts store near you.

The other option is to make it home, remove the battery, and put it on a car charger.

Do not wait too long to find out what the problem is though.

2. Check Engine Light Battery Warning Light

Battery Light Comes On Signs Your Car Battery is Dying Car Lover TipsYour check engine light could mean battery problems. The light on the dashboard that looks like a car with an engine in it often indicates something is wrong with your vehicle.

The battery power is weakening and might cause the check engine light to trip.

Ensure your battery is fully charged by checking the power level noted on it.

Additionally, new cars have a battery light, similar to the check engine light on the car’s dashboard.

This will only light up if there is an issue with the battery. If it needs replacing make sure you do it soon.

3. Your Battery is Too Old

A car battery lifespan, in perfect conditions, is about two to five years (but can be much longer if you use it effectively).

If your battery is coming up at the five and six marks, it’s time to start searching for a replacement or reconditioning it to give the battery a new life.

4. Electrical Component Issues

One sure sign is that your battery is beginning to fade is if electrical components are struggling to operate such as lights, windshield wipers, power locks, and windows.

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If you notice your lights getting dimmer or the electrical windows have a hard time going up and down your battery could be dying.

5. Swollen Battery Case

Is a swollen car battery dangerous? Yes, a swollen battery case could be dangerous.

If the battery case looks swollen or otherwise distended, it typically indicates that temperature significantly impacts the chemicals within and will shorten your battery life.

This recently happened to a friend.  Her battery kept dying so after two jumps on the same day we took the car to the auto parts store.

As I was taking the battery out to have it inspected I noticed a big bulge on the back part of the battery.

My friend wanted to recharge it and I let her know that sadly this battery was a lost cause.

We got a new car battery and she has not had a problem ever since.  Car starts right up every time.

6. Awful Smell Coming From The Battery

There are some signs to look out for that signify leaking battery acid.

A major sign could be the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur coming beneath the hood of your car.

This can damage other engine components if not addressed promptly.

If you notice this, you can either bring your battery into a shop and have them look at it or you can do it yourself.

7. Multiple Jump Starts Needed

Jump Start Car Often Signs Your Car Battery is Dying Car Lover TipsIf you need to jump-start your car more than three times a week, it’s time to have the battery checked out.

Excessive jumping can also damage other systems, so it is best to get the battery replaced or to fix the battery yourself.

Make sure to have a pair of Jumper Cables in the trunk of your car.

I buy a new set of jumper cables for every car that I own just to have them in case I need them.

I have sat in a parking lot for hours because no one had a set of jumper cables to give me a jump.

It will save you a lot of time if you have it and you need a jump.

How to Jump-Start a Car?

One of the most common car questions young drivers ask is…

How do you jump-start a car? To start your car with jumper cables, simply connect the positive wire of the jump starter with the positive terminal of your car battery and the negative wire with the negative terminal of your battery.

Once connected, start your engine and remove the jump starter. And that’s it you are good to go.

You can buy a pair of jumper cables in every store and it is very handy equipment to have in your car.

Another option is to get a portable car battery jump starter. This particular car gadget has a battery and two wires.

They are much easier to use, and rechargeable, and you do not need another car to jump-start your car.

But don’t repeat this method again and again as it will affect the generator of your car or other electrical components.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to reach to the nearest service station and get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Now if you find your battery completely dead then you have to replace it as soon as possible.

Can You Jump-Start a Dead Battery?

Can you jump-start a completely dead battery? The answer is yes. You can easily jump-start a car that has a dead battery.

For this, you require a pair of jumper cables or a portable car jump starter.

However, keep in mind that the next time the engine is switched off it will once again require a jump start to get the car working again.

For a manual transmission car, you can perform a push start on the engine.

Simply put the car in 2nd gear and push the car downhill. Once the car speeds up to 10 mph release the clutch and press the throttle to get the engine working.

How To Know If a Car Battery is Dead?

Exactly how to know if your car battery is dead? If you try to crank your car and it will not start, the lights do not come on, and it will not start when you give the car a jump… there is a good chance your battery is dead.

You should take it to a shop to inspect it and use a Multimeter or a battery monitor to test your battery to see if there is any life in it left.

Can a car battery be too dead? Yes, it can.  A car battery will last between 2 and 5 years, so there will be a time when the battery may be too dead and you will have to get a new one.

What To Do When Car Battery is Dead?

The car battery is dead! What to do when you find yourself in a position where your vehicle battery is dead is a very unfortunate place.

However, to cope with this type of situation you should have proper knowledge about how your car battery works to eliminate these situations or to get out of them.

Considering that you are on the road and have a dead car battery, the only option you have is to get to the nearest service station.

For this, you need to jump-start your vehicle as once the car starts it will operate on the alternator and you can reach the nearest service station easily.

How To Disconnect Car Battery?

How to safely disconnect a car battery? Disconnecting the battery from your car is one of the simplest things to do.

It will only take you a couple of minutes to do.  If you have never done this before let me point out some things.

  1.  Electricity Will Hurt – Make sure the positive and the negative terminals do not touch as this may cause you to get shocked or for electronics to burn out in your car.
  2.  Battery Acid is Corrosive – Battery acid may leak out and severely burn your skin. My advice would be to wear some disposable gloves when touching the battery.
  3.  Smoking Could Be Dangerous – Flames or sparks may ignite hydrogen gas that the battery creates. Smoking around a battery is a bad idea.
  4.  Protect Your Eyes – If at all possible wear some safety glasses just in case.

The points above are not meant to scare you. Those are just some safety precautions that you should be aware of when you are dealing with your battery.

Now let us disconnect the car battery by following the simple steps below.

  • Open the hood and make sure it is secured
  • Loosen the nuts holding the terminal wires attached to your battery  
  • Unclamp the terminals and move them to the side so they are out of the way
  • Remove the battery to set it free

See I did say that it was easy to disconnect your battery.

How To Replace a Car Battery?

Car Battery Replacement is just as easy as removal.  Actually is a tad easier.  It requires fewer steps.

  • Open The Hood make sure it is secured
  • Place the new battery in its place
  • Connect the terminals ( make sure the positive cable (RED) goes to the correct positive terminal)
  • Tighten the terminals to secure the battery in place.
  • Close the hood and you are done.

Like I said replacing the battery was just as easy.

In the event that you do not wish to do the removal and replacement of the battery, you can always call AAA. They will come out and do it for you.

How much does AAA charge to replace a car battery? According to AAA.com “AAA car batteries are competitively priced – the average cost is about $139 – and each comes with a three-year replacement warranty.”

What To Do With Old Car Batteries?

What To Do With Old Car Batteries Questions and Answers Car Lover TipsWhat to do with old car batteries is a question that you may run across.

There really are only four things that you can do with that dead 5-year-old car battery that you do not need anymore.

Actually five things, but that one is something that we do not recommend doing.

What to DO With Old Car Batteries

  1.  Store The Old Battery
  2. Recondition Old Car Batteries
  3. Sell That Old Battery
  4. Old Battery Recycling

What NOT to Do with an Old Dead Battery

5. Do NOT Place the battery in the trash

We will talk more about the above topics in more detail below.

1. Store The Old Car Battery

Store The Old Car Battery questions and answers Car Lover TipsHow to store old car batteries? Once the old battery has been taken out of the car, you can store it in a heavy-duty plastic bag.

It is recommended that you double bag with Heavy Duty Garbage Bags to keep the dirt, grime, and grease to stay within.

This will also keep the acids and other fluids inside so that they do not leak out.

Place it in a cool dry place. Not in direct sunlight as this will corrode the bags faster and things may leak out.

Do not place them on their side as some vehicle battery types come with caps that may leak if the battery is stored on its side.

Having said all that, storage of car batteries is not a long-term solution. They may leak, which may hurt you, or chemicals will go into the ground.

Read on for other options of what to do with that old car battery.

2. Recondition Old Car Batteries

Recondition Old Car Batteries questions and answers Car Lover TipsHow to recondition old dead car batteries? If you are a DIY person or someone with mechanical knowledge you can recondition old car batteries and bring them to life.

Is really not very complicated to recondition the battery and bring it back to life.  Most people do not want to tackle this and just choose to buy a new one.

Please note that according to the garrettcounty.org website, “a reconditioned battery will have up to 70% of the power of a brand-new unit”.

Should you recondition an old car battery? In the event that you would like to try, you can find the supplies and the steps to recondition your automobile battery below.

Supplies Needed to Recondition a Battery

You will need some basic supplies to recondition your car battery. Other than the Voltmeter these are things that may already be in your garage.

Steps to Recondition a Car Battery

  1. Safety First. Let’s make sure that you are safe while reconditioning your battery. Battery Acid is a corrosive that can burn your skin or blind you. Make sure you have some safety glasses and safety gloves to protect your hands and your eyes.
  2. Be Prepared for Spills. Have some shop rags, paper towels, and a heavy-duty bag or two of kitty litter handy in case something gets spilled in the process of reconditioning your battery.
  3.  Removing The Battery Caps. Most batteries have 5 to 8 little caps on top of the battery. Remove the caps slowly so as not to splash the acid within. You may have to use a flathead screwdriver to loosen the caps. Make sure to remove all of them.
  4.  Using the Long Funnel slowly refill the battery with the distilled water.  DO NOT put the caps back on.
  5.  Connect the battery to the battery charger. Turn it on and leave it on for a good hour.
  6.  After an hour bubbles should start coming up on the holes. Turn the battery charger off.
  7.  Check that everything is hooked up correctly and then charge it again for another few hours.
  8.  Replace the caps back on and make sure they are secured.
  9. Use a Voltmeter to make sure the battery has enough charge.

You should now have a new/used/old battery that will last for a few years longer.

While reconditioning a battery or testing a battery you can use a voltmeter to see if it has enough juice to start your engine and run all the electrical parts of your car.

3. Sell Old Car Battery

Can I Sell My Old Car Battery questions and answers Car Lover TipsCan I Sell My Old Car Battery? Yes, you can find a place to sell your old batteries near you.

This is a good option as the old battery would probably be recycled back to life by battery manufacturers.

If they can’t the base elements like lead can be re-used again.

Places where you can sell old automobile battery

  • Local Scrap Yards
  • Recycling Centers
  • Local Auto Parts Stores
  • Local Repair Shops
  • Online Classified Sites

Believe it or not, there are more places near you to sell your car batteries than you think.

You will learn more about them below.

Local Scrap Yards

The local wrecking yard will buy that old battery. They will pay you $5 to $15 per battery.  Call local wrecking yards near you and ask before you drive all the way there.

Recycling Centers

Recycling centers near you will give you money for that old battery. Prices will vary greatly by area and by recycling center.  Again make some phone calls beforehand.  It will save you time and fuel.

Local Auto Parts Stores

Auto parts stores near you like Napa, Autozone, O’Reilly, Advance Auto Parts, and others will give you cash for that old battery. Some will not give you cash and give you store credit instead. But if you shop often at these stores then that would not be too bad.

Local Repair Shops

A local repair shop may purchase old batteries from you.  They re-sell them to customers. They may only want to keep a limited stock so you can ask several in your area to see who would buy the battery. Again make some phone calls before hauling the battery there.

Online Classified Sites

You can list your old battery at classified sites like Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, or OfferUp. Simply list them and sell your car battery from the comfort of your home.

4. Old Car Battery Recycling

Old Car Battery Recycling Car Lover TipsHow to recycle old car batteries? Some places will recycle old car batteries for cash others you can just drop them off, and others will give you store credit.  It really all depends on where you take the battery to be recycled.

Most municipalities will have a place where you can drop off your old batteries and they will recycle them.

Metal recycling places will take your old batteries and give you a few dollars in exchange.

Auto parts store will also take them and will most likely give you store credit in exchange.

There are many places where you can recycle your old batteries so that they do not end up in landfill.

5. Do Not Place The Car Battery In The Trash

Do Not Place The Car Battery In The Trash Car Lover TipsThis is one that we say “What NOT to Do with an Old Dead Battery”. The auto battery has lead and acid to keep its charge.

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Both are dangerous and toxic and should not end up in the trash can and eventually in a landfill.

Should we just put the car battery in the trash bin? No! I know it may seem simple just to throw it in the trash and be done with it. But an automobile battery needs to be disposed of properly.

We listed many ways above where you can get rid of that old battery in a safe and responsible way.

Let us avoid health issues and keep our environment safe by practicing proper battery disposal.

Car Battery Warranty

How to check a car battery’s warranty? Normally a car battery warranty is only 2 years. Depending on where you buy it and the type of battery the warranty could be longer or shorter.

In order to check the lifespan of the car warranty, you can check the label that is on top of the battery.

The label has a date that has 4 digits.  The first two digits represent the month and the third digit represents the year.  So “S 058N” means the battery was made in May 2018.

Car Battery GEAR You May Need

Car Battery GEAR You May Need Car Lover TipsWhat equipment would I need to work with my car battery? Along with this article, I have mentioned several pieces of equipment that you would need while dealing with your car battery.

So we are providing links to these products and some information about them.

They are listed in no particular order below.

Car Battery Charger

Car Battery Charger

What’s a car battery charger? A car battery charger is a machine that will slowly recharge your battery by providing current from an outlet.

It draws AC current and turns it into a 12-volt DC that your battery can use. It will recharge your battery at a very slow voltage, so it can take an hour or more to recharge your battery.

Slow or trickle charge is much safer for your battery since fast loading may damage your battery.

Disposable Safety Gloves

Disposable Safety Gloves

What are Disposable Disposable Gloves? Disposable gloves can be used for many tasks around your car.

When it comes to batteries disposable gloves can be used to protect your hands from battery corrosive acids.

They will also protect your hands from grime, dirt, oils, grease, and other chemicals that could hurt you.

Not to mention that oil, grease, and acids can damage your hands, so protecting them is a good thing.

I would recommend that you get at least a 9 mil in thickness. They are strong enough so they won’t rip very easily, but light enough so that they are comfortable to wear for a long time.

Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

What are Safety Glasses? These are glasses that are made to survive a high impact that may damage your eyes.

There are many types of safety glasses in the market.  My advice is to find a pair that will fit comfortably for many hours.

Just like everything else you get what you pay for.  You can buy an affordable pair that is uncomfortable to wear and that will not really protect your eyes. [/su_column][/su_row]

When you are looking for a pair there are some things you should look for in a pair of safety glasses… High Impact, Non-Slip Comfortable Fit, Rubber Nose Piece, Protect Against UV Rays, Meets ANSI z287.1+ Standards.

Box of Shop Rags

Box of Shop Rags

While you are working on your car a box of shop rags will come in very handy as they can be used for many reasons.

Pick up spills, clean your hands, wipe your hands clean, wipe sweat, and many other things.

You can get them in different ways. Old towels that have seen better days, old t-shirts that have become holy.

The way I used to get shop rags was to make thrift stores run. I would go to several of them and buy lots of shirts or towels to make shop rags.

Nowadays, I go to Amazon, buy a big box of rags and I have all the rags that I need for quite a while.

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A piece of advice, DO NOT get the white shop rags, you will go through them faster.  Blue shop rags or red shop rags are the best to work within a shop.

Box of Kitty Litter

Box of Kitty Litter

A Box of Kitty litter will come in very handy when you work in your shop, garage, or even home.

They have many uses that most people do not think about.

Absorb garage stains, sprinkle on icy steps to prevent spills, provide traction for your car, clean up paint spills, soak up spills, deodorize an area, and many more.

When working on your car battery having kitty litter nearby to clean up spills may come in handy.[/su_column][/su_row]

I would suggest adding some in a smaller container before you start.

That way you don’t have to mess with the whole bag when that spills happen and you need to pick it up quickly.

Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

We talked about bagging your old batteries in order to store them. That’s one use for heavy-duty trash bags.

But they come in handy for many other reasons and it’s always a good idea to have a box or two boxes handy.

Cover a broken window, clean out your shop, and cover seats while you work on the car.

For example…You can even wrap a whole bucket seat to cover it while the car is being painted.

I like to have a couple of boxes just in case they are needed.

Car Battery Monitor

Car Battery Monitor

What is a Wireless Car Battery Monitor? A car battery monitor will let you know the status of your battery.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to automotive battery monitors.

Normal, Wireless, or Plugin variety (Amazon Links)

Wireless, and some that you can just plug into your car lighter.

Of course, the easiest one to set up is the plugin type.

Normal Battery monitors usually have to be hard-wired to your car.

Wireless Car Battery Monitor takes a few steps to set up but most of them you can check from your phone. Depends on your budget and your needs.

Long Funnel Variety Pack

Long Funnel Variety Pack

I’m very partial to this type of funnel. Regular funnels work great but there are times when you need something different.

Why a long funnel? To recondition your battery, you will need this particular funnel to refill the cells.

Another good use for it is when you are adding new transmission oil to your car.

A regular funnel will not work for this. For this reason, I like to own at least 2 of these long funnels just in case one happens to grow legs.

When you go out to buy one of these funnels, make sure you get this particular one. Over the years it has come in very handy to have.

Getting a few other types and sizes would never hurt either. You never know when you are going to need one.



What is a Voltmeter? According to Wikipedia “A voltmeter is an instrument used for measuring electric potential difference between two points in an electric circuit. It is connected in parallel.

It usually has high resistance so that it takes negligible current from the circuit.”

In other words, a voltmeter will measure the voltage that is running between two points.

While reconditioning a battery or testing a battery you can use a voltmeter to see if it has enough juice to start your engine and run all the electrical parts of your car.

A Voltmeter is very easy to use and for most things, you will only need to learn really basic settings.

If you only use the Voltmeter once in a while you can get a very basic one and that will work great for your needs.

Jumper Cables

Jumper Cables

What are Jumper Cables? Jumper cables are heavy-duty pairs of wires that are usually one red (positive) and one black (negative), with clamps at the end that will hook up to battery terminals.

As a habit, for safety reasons, and because I have been stranded in a parking lot because no one had a pair of jumper cables… For every car that I own, I take the time to get a set of jumper cables for it.

Another thing is that I get a set that is at least 30 to 50 feet long. From experience the longer the better.

There will be times when you have to give someone’s car a jump, and that 30 to 50 feet will come in very handy.

Portable Car Jump Starter

Portable Car Jump Starter

What’s a Portable Car Jump Starter? A portable Car Jump Starter is a simple gadget that has a rechargeable battery and a pair of cables that will hook up to your battery.

I own a couple of these and keep them fully charged in case of an emergency.

The beautiful part about this gadget is that you do not need another car to jump-start your car.

If your battery dies, simply open the hood, hook up the cables to the terminals, and turn the portable car jump starter on. Your car will promptly start.


The reason I keep them charging all the time is that in the event of a power failure, this will double as emergency power for a short time.

This particular model has an air compressor, a high-powered flashlight, a 12 Volt DC outlet, and USB ports for electronic devices.

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Car Battery Questions and Answers Car Lover Tips

With all this information about car batteries, we hope that you will be able to understand the science that goes into the working of these batteries.

We can state in the end that the battery in your car plays a significant role in the working of a car as with a dead battery you cannot even start the car and get to your desired location.

We hope that with our article, you have intensive knowledge on how you can maintain your car battery and get the most out of it.

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