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Easy Detailer DIY Car Interior Cleaning Tips


Car interior cleaning tips. These easy DIY interior car detailing tips and instructions will have your vehicle looking brand new in no time.

What car interior cleaning tips and tricks? The professional detailers from the automotive Youtube channel Chicago Auto Pros in this video bring us some amazing tips about cleaning your car interior.

This is a very detailed car interior cleaning tips and tricks video that covers many tips to keep your car interior looking its best.

Easy DIY Car Interior Cleaning Tips

Easy DIY Car Interior Cleaning Tips

This Car Interior Cleaning Tips Video covers…

  • Easy DIY Car Interior Cleaning Tips
  • Introducing the Car Interior Cleaning Tips
  • Car Interior Cleaning Tools
  • List of Car Cleaning Tools From The Video
  • First Step in Cleaning Your Cars Interior
  • Car Cleaning Tips for Interior Step 2
  • Remove Pet Hair From Car
  • Floor Mat Cleaner Tips
  • Car Console Cleaner Tips
  • Car Console Cleaner Steps
  • Best Car Dash Cleaner Tips
  • Leather Car Seat Cleaner Tips
  • Car Steam Cleaner Tips
  • Car Fabric Cleaner Tips
  • Car Seat Stain Remover Tips
  • Car Stain-Fighting Products
  • Best Car Carpet Cleaner Tips
  • Car Carpet Cleaning Drying Tips
  • Best Leather Conditioner For Cars
  • Final Car Detailing Process
  • Car Interior Protection Coating Tips
  • Car Interior Cleaning Duration

You can read more about the best interior car cleaning tips below.

We have added the transcript from the video below for you to follow along.

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Introducing the Car Interior Cleaning Tips

[00:00:11] Today, we’re going to show you how to do an interior detail, and then we’re going to show you all the different options.

You have to protect all the different surfaces on the interior of your car.

Let’s do this. [00:00:22]

Car Interior Cleaning Tools

Car Interior Cleaning Tools Car Lover Tips

What Car Interior Cleaning Tools Would I need? Very basic tools are needed to clean your car’s interior.

Some simple brushes, a few rags, gloves, some cleaning supplies, and some elbow grease would do the job.

You can make your job a bit easier with some power tools like a shopping vac and an air compressor.

[00:00:30] The interior of my GTI is not destroyed. It’s pretty well taken care of and maintain.

But all the steps that I’m gonna show you would be the same steps that you would take to clean your interior, no matter how dirty it is.

And with interior detailing, you don’t need a whole lot of tools. That’s what’s great about it.

You just need a few brushes. I have a one-inch brush here. This is great for the vents.

A little toothbrush for fine cracks and areas to get.

I have a carpet brush. This will scrub the carpets.

Leather brush. If you have leather seats.

And then when it comes to chemicals, there are lots of chemicals out there. There are dedicated leather cleaning chemicals. There are dedicated fabric-cleaning chemicals, but you don’t need a whole lot.

You can get away with using an all-purpose cleaner like this Citrus Power Cleaner.

Plus, and this will clean the leather seats, the carpet, the dash.

You can use this chemical to clean everything in your car. It’s very versatile.

And if you have it to the right dilution, it’s going to be safe for any surface.

There are also other products out there, too. Dr. Beasley’s Interior cleaner is here. I haven’t tried this one out.

So we’re actually going to test this one out today. And some microfibers and some gloves, and you’re ready to go.

You will also need a shop vac. And if you have it, I would also recommend an air compressor.

An air compressor is a great tool, and it’ll significantly cut down the time to perform this service before we actually get started on the interior detailing process. [00:01:42]

List of Car Cleaning Tools From The Video

[00:01:43] I will have a full list in the description below of all my favorite products and tools I use for interior detailing. [00:01:59]

This is the list of cleaning tools from the video description and the transcript itself.

Found the closest products available on Amazon and added the links to them.

List of car cleaning tools from the videoList of car cleaning tools from the video

These are just the basic tools that you might need to clean your car’s interior.

You may or may not need them all. What you will need depends on the car type, your location, and your experience level.

First Step in Cleaning Your Car Interior

First Step in Cleaning Your Cars Interior Car Lover Tips

[00:02:00] The first step is to remove all their personal belongings. We have personal belongings bags here.

And if this is a customer’s car, you want to take out all their personal belongings, and I actually put them into separate bags.

So for instance, if I’m taking stuff out of the glove box or the Center console here, I’m going to use one bag for each section.

So if there’s anything in here, I’m going to take it out, put it in the bag. I’ll put it on top of the windshield here, so I don’t misplace it.

And when I get done with the detail, actually put it back in the same position.

Same thing with the Center Council or anything in the doors.

I’ll put them in separate bags and then put them back where we found them. [00:02:47]

Car Cleaning Tips for Interior Step 2

On the Car Cleaning Tips For Interior Video, he has 2 First Steps.  So that is why we are mentioning it here.

So you all do not get confused.  On to Step 2 in Your Interior Car Cleaning Adventure.

[00:02:48 ]If you are working outside, you should have plenty of light. But if you’re working inside a garage like I am,

I like to use a hand flashlight or a Led hood light. Being able to see what you’re cleaning is very important. All right.

The first step with the cleaning process is what I like to refer to as the blowout process.

We’re going to use our air hose here in our vacuum, and we’re gonna air hose, and we’re gonna blow it all the cracks, the crevices in between the seats and compartments.

We’re going to blow that all out and then suck it all up with the vacuum.

If you’re in the detailing business, you already know that time is money.

Having all the tools and products you need for the job with you will keep you efficient.

An average interior detailing job should take anywhere from two to 4 hours to complete.

To start in the driver’s position with the seat all the way back, I will blow up all the loose dirt, crumbs and dog hair from in between it under the seats, and then I’ll vacuum everything up.

I will work my way around the car, taking the floor mats out for right now and setting them to the side.

This first step will usually take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how dirty the vehicle is. [00:04:00]

Remove Pet Hair From Car

HOW TO Remove Pet Hair From Your Car Lover Tips

How to remove pet hair from the car? Pet hair in your car can be an issue whether your pet simply rides in your car on occasion, goes to work with you every day, or you consider yourself the proud father of a furbaby who follows you wherever you go.

You’ve given your pet blankets to sleep on, and you vacuum your car regularly, but you still find pet hair trapped in the upholstery of the seats, the floor, and probably every nook and cranny of the vehicle, leaving you wondering how it got there.

Of course, we adore our animals. It is not possible to keep them out of the car. So, how can you get rid of pet hair from your vehicle’s inside and keep it that way?

[00:04:01] If you have a significant amount of dog hair, you can use a Pet hair stone to dislodge the hair from the fibers of the carpet. 


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Floor Mat Cleaner Tips

What are some good floor mat cleaner tips? I personally like the Weathertech floor mat cleaner as it does an amazing job. You can find it here on Amazon.

The Weathertech floor mat cleaner is made and packaged right in the U.S.A.

The package contains 1-18 oz. bottle of Cleaner with sprayer & 1-18 oz. bottle of Protector with sprayer

[00:04:07] When you get to the back of the vehicle, make sure that you remove the spare tire and other items that may be in the trunk.

I like cleaning the floor mats first, so they’ll have a chance to dry throughout the detail.

If the floor mats are full of dirt and salt, the best way to clean is by spraying your chemical directly on the mat.

Scrubbing with a stiff bristle carpet brush, and then pressure washing away all the dirtiness.

If your floor mats are relatively clean then you can just use a light spray with your chemical and scrub and clean just the top fibers.

Just make sure to remove the excess chemical from the fabric.

You can do this with the carpet extractor machine or by wiping with the Damp towel and water and then using your shop-vac.

After you’re done, put the floor mats outside or use a fan to help them dry. [00:04:47] 

Car Console Cleaner Tips

What are some Car Console Cleaner Tips Car Lover Tips

What are some Car Console Cleaner Tips? When detailing a car’s interior, we take special care to clean the seats and carpets.

However, there are many additional surfaces inside our cars to clean besides the headliner, windows, seats, and carpet.

Consider the car console. The translucent, plastic protective lens should be kept clean and clear because you glance at those gauges more than you know.

If you have one, how about that center console?

Dirt and debris are attracted to the cup holders and odd nooks.

That unpleasant dark spot on the door where you rest your arm?

Yes, that, too, has to be cleaned.

[00:04:48] Next step in the process, I’m going to clean everything I  can touch that is leather, rubber, and vinyl.

So I usually like to start in this center console area here, and I don’t need much here.

I’m going to use my product and my two brushes here, and I’m going to go through and I’m going to clean all the cracks and crevices along with my microfibers and keep everything dry.

One tool that’s very helpful when cleaning the interior is this air gun here? Because this will kind of blow everything out.

It’ll dry everything for you. You do want to be careful.

There are some sensitive areas of electronics. You don’t want to oversaturate anything. [00:05:27]

Car Console Cleaner Steps

What are some easy car console steps to follow? It’s time to clean the interior of your car when the rubbish starts to pile up and your console becomes sticky.

You might find that your automobile still doesn’t look as beautiful as you imagined after everything has been washed down, cleared out, and vacuumed.

You’ll need to clean your dashboard without destroying it or leaving streaky residue to give your automobile what it needs.

It may appear to be too tough or time-consuming, but here are some easy to follow Car console cleaner steps to help you.

Your dashboard will seem brand new in only a few simple steps, and it will make a significant impact on the entire aesthetic of your car’s interior.

[00:05:28] Let’s get started. I’ll show you how it’s done.

I start this process by spraying my chemical into the Cup holders.

I use my one-inch round brush and my detailers toothbrush to clean all the cracks, vents, buttons, and again, being sensitive with the electronics.

Also, be careful to keep any chemicals away from the navigation screen.

I’ll then take my microfiber towel and wipe up the Center console area.

Also, notice how I dry the area first, and then I use my air gun to blow everything out.

It is possible to blow liquid into some of these areas that you don’t want liquid in. [00:05:57]

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Best Car Dash Cleaner Tips

Best Car Dash Cleaner Tips Car Lover Tips CAR

What is one of the best car dah cleaner tips? Cup holders can collect dirt, coffee spills, and dead hair and skin cells (nasty).

To reach those hard-to-reach places, use a cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution.

The entire cup holder is detachable in some automobiles for easy cleaning.

[00:05:58] If there are any inserts like the one here in the Cup holder, I like to take it out, clean it, and put it right back in.

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I don’t like taking these out of the car because if you take them out, there’s a chance that they’re not gonna make it back in.

I work my way over to the dash, the steering wheel, and the instrument cluster.

I look up and I clean the visors and any plastic on the ceiling. I will gently clean the roof liner if it needs it, and then I continue by cleaning all the inside door trim and onto the actual door plastic until I get to the leather seat. [00:06:23] 

Leather Car Seat Cleaner Tips

What are some simple leather car seat cleaner tips? Your car will look more luxurious with leather seats.

Because leather seats are expensive, you’ll want to take good care of them.

Here’s how to keep your leather car seats looking excellent and lasting a long time.

In a spray bottle, combine 1/2 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup vinegar for a superb DIY leather seat cleaner solution.

Spritz the seat, then let it sit for five minutes before wiping it down.

Preventing stains on leather car seats is the easiest method to keep them clean.

Spills should be wiped up as soon as they hit the seat. Even if you clean up quickly, stains will appear.

[00:06:24] When cleaning leather seats, which by the way, most leather seats nowadays are imitation leather or vinyl coated leather.

I will always start with the least aggressive option possible if the seats are well maintained most of the time, all you’re going to need is your cleaner in a microfiber towel.

I also really like this yellow leather cleaning brush. It works great for any leather with some texture to it.

I will use my detailers toothbrush to gently pull the seat sections apart and clean the stitching. [00:06:52] 

Car Steam Cleaner Tips

Best Car STEAM Cleaner Tips Car Lover Tips CAR

Why Should You Use a Car Steam Cleaner? Steam cleaning a vehicle is a great way to keep it in good shape. Dirt and grime accumulate in the buttons and knobs of a car.

It sits in the vents and works its way into the nooks and cracks that regular detailing tools can’t reach.

Steam cleaning a vehicle can remove some of the toughest upholstery stains, eliminate foul odors, and remove the dust and debris that accumulates over time.

[00:06:53] You can also use a steam cleaner if you want to clean the interior.

I’ve used steam in the past, and it does have a place, especially if you run into melted crayon gum or hard candy.

But for general all-purpose cleaning, I don’t like the steam machine.

It takes a while to heat up, and once the steam is actually going, I find it hard to see what I’m doing.

The brushes in the microfiber towel work just fine on my leather seats here.

If you have seats that need some extra love, you can use a magic eraser, but keep this as a last resort, because using this too aggressively can remove the top layer of the seat.

If you’re not careful when I’m done in the driver’s side area, I will put the seat all the way back up and I’ll continue to work my way around the car until every leather, vinyl, and rubber surface is clean. All right. [00:08:03] 

Car Fabric Cleaner Tips

What are some good car fabric cleaning tips? These helpful hints can make cleaning your vehicle seats a breeze!

Accidents happen. However, if this happens, your car seats may become soiled and stained.

So, to help you keep your car clean and tidy, you can follow the simple advice and simple suggestions on how to clean car seats with common home items.

[00:08:04] We are at the last step in the cleaning process For the interior detail, is to clean all the fabric and the carpets in the vehicle.

Obviously, we have leather seats in here. If we had fabric seats, I would hold off to the end and clean them.

Now, I see a lot of detailers make the mistake of getting carpets and fabric seats too wet.

If you use too much water or too much chemical, when you’re cleaning the Fabrics, it can soak through the carpet into the foam and once that foam backing gets wet, it

It’s really hard to get dry and if it doesn’t fully dry out before you close up the car, you will now have a mold issue.

So, when cleaning the carpets and fabrics, you just want to try to clean those top fibers. [00:08:40]

50 General Car Tips and Hacks

50 General Car Tips and Hacks That Car Owners Could Use Car Lover Tips

50 Tips & Tricks for Driving a Car. We’re sharing some of our favorite general car tips and tricks that have proven to be useful.

This post is rather long because there are 50 general car tips. Any feedback on the article would be greatly appreciated.

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Car Seat Stain Remover Tips

Car Seat Stain Remover Tips Car Lover Tips CAR

How to Remove Stains from Car Seats? Was it the spilled coffee, the drink that seeped into the fabric and discolored your seat, or the chewing gum that you clawed and plucked apart but still remained?

There’s no need to hire a professional car seat cleaner or drive your car to get it detailed, no matter what caused the stain.

You can clean your fabric car seats so they shine like new with a little know-how, which we’ll provide, and a little elbow grease, which you’ll provide.

[00:08:41] The first thing that you want to do is pretreat any stains.

Stains can be tricky because if you use the wrong chemical to clean the wrong stain, you could end up setting the stain permanently.

How do you know what chemicals will remove what stains? [00:08:53]

Type of Fabric Stains

[00:08:54] Well, let’s just first learn about what kind of stains that you may encounter.

Welcome to the school os stains.  My name is Dr. Stain, and I’m here to teach you about two different types of stains.

The first type of thing is tannin stains. This includes soda pops, wines, coffee, and tea.

The second type of stain is protein stains. This includes milk for the babies’ food, vomit, blood, and poop.

Now, does anybody out there knows you call a 1000-year-old motor oil stain?. Anybody… Ancient Greece. Hahaha. Thank you, Dr. Stain. [00:09:36] 

Read our post that provides tips for your next oil change.

Car Stain-Fighting Products

Although automotive upholstery appears to be rather robust, it has a long life cycle and requires some attention and care from time to time to preserve its longevity.

Using the right car stain-fighting products will ensure your fabric has a long life.

Using Maguire’s stain cleaning power you can get that stain away for your fabric.

[00:09:37] When it comes to stains Maguire’s has you covered with two different stain-fighting products.

The first is a tan and stain remover. Use D106 fiber. Rinse to gently. Blot up any stains from coffee tea wine or sodas.

The second is a protein stain remover. This will lift up any protein-based stains like food Or bodily fluids.

If you are unsure what the stain is use D106 fiber, rinse first, followed by D116, protein stain remover. [00:10:16] 

Best Car Carpet Cleaner Tips

Best Car Carpet Cleaner Tips Car Lover Tips CAR

How often do you clean your carpet? When was the last time you had your carpet professionally cleaned?

Many automobile owners, unfortunately, neglect the carpet for far too long, allowing stains, mud, and sticky substances to accumulate.

On a hot summer day, a soiled automobile carpet can begin to stink.

Cleaning your car carpet, fortunately, isn’t as tough as one may expect.

The best part is that deep cleaning isn’t required on a regular basis as long as spills are cleaned up immediately.

[00:10:17] Once you have all the stains treated you can spray a light layer of citrus.

Power clean and then scrub the carpets with a Stiff bristle carpet brush.

You want to remove all these chemicals in the dirt with a carpet extractor or use a vacuum in a damp towel.

I also like using a microfiber towel to clean all these hard to get areas like in between the seat and by the pedals.

You’re going to repeat this process as many times as you need to to get the carpets fully clean.

If you’re dealing with carpets that are just destroyed with stains salt sand and dirt be mindful and talk to your customer about realistic expectations of what you can and can’t do.

You can always remove the seats and pressure wash your carpets or even replace them if it’s something beyond cleaning. [00:10:57] 

Car Carpet Cleaning Drying Tips

What are some good carpet drying tips? For a variety of reasons, a car carpet can become moist.

If you open the car windows and it starts raining without warning, if someone spills water or any other liquid in your car by accident, or if your car floods.

It not only degrades the interior of your vehicle, but it also degrades your mood. You must now dry the carpet as quickly as possible.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to dry a car carpet. This video gives some good car carpet cleaning drying tips.

[00:10:58] The last step on the carpet to see use a dry microfiber in a shop-vac to dry the carpets as much as possible.

Do not close up the car or put floor mats on top of carpets that are wet You will end up with a mold problem.

You can also use a blower or a fan or if it’s a nice day out, you can bring it outside with the windows cracked open to let it dry.

When we’re all done I’d like to do a simple back and forth line with my towel, you can use a brush if you want to do this.

It’s just a matter of personal preference at this point,

You’re going to want to use all the same steps as here when you’re cleaning the fabric seats. [00:11:36]

Best Leather Conditioner For Cars

What are the best car leather conditioners? My personal choice is the Dr. Beasley Leather Conditioner.

Leather Cream is created with lanolin (a hidden component in many high-end moisturizing products) and UV-inhibitors to keep your leather looking soft and luxurious while also providing fade resistance.

When used with Dr Beasley’s Fine Leather Cleanser and leather lock, leather seats are rejuvenated and protected against whatever life throws at them.

Both driver and passengers will notice the difference in the look and feel.

[00:11:37] Once the carpets and the fabrics are all done I do one final walk around the entire vehicle with my flashlight.

To make sure I didn’t miss any spots before applying the protectants and conditioners.

When you’re applying conditioners, I like a natural look that’s why I like to use Dr. Beasley’s line of leather and plastic conditioners.

They smell great and they leave a satin finish. I start by spraying the vents, the buttons, the cup holders, and all the hard-to-reach areas with an instant gloss spray shine.

This is a high gloss spray, but I will be wiping all the excess off and the last step after the spray.

I come back with the plastic conditioner and just like you’re using lotion with your hands. I like to wipe it in the dash, the plastic trim, rubber, and vinyl

The last product to use is the Leather Cream. I’m using just an all-purpose microfiber towel to wipe in the Leather Cream.

Both the plastic conditioner and the leather cream have UV-resistant properties to protect the interior from damage from the Sun. [00:12:36]

Final Car Detailing Process

[00:12:37] The final step of the dressing process is to take a clean dry microfiber and blend in and wipe off any excess product.

I’m also going to wipe down any gloss trim and after this step, everything should look new and natural.

You shouldn’t have any greasy spots or leftover conditioners. [00:12:51]

Car Interior Protection Coating Tips

Car Interior Protection Coating Tips Car Lover Tips CAR

What are Car Interior Protection Coatings? Because of its hydrophobic qualities and UV resistance, an interior coating developed for plastic, leather, and fabric surfaces will keep these surfaces protected and stain-free.

Protecting the interior surfaces of your automobile with a protective coating provides long-term protection, making them easier to clean and keeping your car cleaner for longer.

The majority of car protection treatments focus on the exterior of the vehicle.

However, the interior of the vehicle is just as sensitive to external contaminants and must be protected.

Your car’s interiors are exposed to dirt and impurities every time it is driven, which can damage and stain the fabric and leather surfaces.

Under normal circumstances, the seats, carpet, and floor mats are particularly fragile and nearly impossible to maintain clean.

Protecting the upholstery from aging and degradation becomes essential, and one of the best methods to accomplish it is with the help of a protective coating.

[00:12:51] You do have some other long-term protection options if you choose to use.

Once the carpets are dry, you can use Gtechniq Smart fabric.  it’s super easy to use.

Just spray it on the fabric and it’ll create a protective barrier against spills and stains.

It also makes it super easy to clean next time you detail your car and then you do have some other coating options for the other interior materials.

I like using CarPro Dlux or C6 Mad Dash on the plastic dash or vinyl parts and for leather seats.

If you’re looking to add that protection layer, I would recommend Cquartz leather coating.

This makes it easy to clean again and it’s going to help with dye transfer from Blue Jeans.

There we go. We have one beautiful shiny protected interior. It smells fantastic. [00:13:34] 

Car Interior Cleaning Duration

So how long did it take to implement all of these car interior cleaning tips?

[00:13:35] So, it took us about three or four hours to complete the whole interior.

Again, the interior was not destroyed, it wasn’t that bad, but even if you do have an interior that’s destroyed, it’s going to be the same steps, the same processes.

Some of the steps you might have to do multiple times if you do have a really dirty interior.

But if you guys got any questions, I’d love to hear them. If you got any suggestions, go ahead and leave a comment in the description below.

Otherwise, thanks for watching. I hope you subscribe, like the video, and we’ll see you next time. [00:14:43]

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