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Oil Change Service Tips and Tricks

Oil Change Service Tips and Hacks Car Lover Tips

Oil change service is one of the maintenance tasks that need to be handled regularly on your vehicle.

Proper maintenance will prevent any problem from taking place in anything.

Otherwise, the engine will start to show its problem and the car will not run as effectively as it used to before.

Making sure your oil changes are taken care of promptly is a big part of general car maintenance.

Oil Change Service Tips and Tricks

Oil Change Service Tips and Hacks Car Lover Tips Pin

This article will cover all the aspects of changing your oil that you need to know.

  • How Often To Change Oil?
  • How Long Will Changing Your Oil Take?
  • Equipment Needed To Change Your Oil
  • How To Change The oil?
    • Lift The Car
    • Check for Oil Leaks
    • Drain The Oil
    • Remove the Oil Filter
    • Replace the Drain Plug
    • Install New Oil Filter
    • Verify Proper Oil Level
    • Recycle Used Motor Oil
  • When to Change Your Oil
  • How Much is An Oil Change?
  • What Types of Oil to Use?
    • Conventional Oil
    • Synthetic Oil
    • Type of Oil Most People Use
    • Changing The Oil In Older Cars
    • Change The Oil in Newer Cars
  • Changing Oil Frequently
  • How Often To Check Oil Level
    • Manual Oil Inspection
  • Type of Oil Your Car Needs
  • Best Places Change The Oil
  • Avoid Common Oil Change Scams
  • Walmart Change Oil Service
    • Affordable Oil Service at Walmart
    • Pit Crew Oil Service
    • Standard Oil Service
    • High Mileage Oil Service
    • Power & Performance
  • Jiffy Lube Change Oil Service
  • Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil
    • Changing Your Synthetic Oil
    • Does Synthetic Oil Last Longer
  • Mixing Conventional Oil With Synthetic Oil
  • Online Oil Change Coupons
  • Final Words

The owner needs to carry out the car oil change task based on the requirements of the car.

While each piece of equipment plays its own role in the car, the oil filter is as important as other components in the car.

How Often To Change The Oil?

How Often Should You Get an Oil Change Car Lover Tips

How often should you get an oil change? Every automobile engine will need oil but the oil here needs to be specific.

Modern engines are built to define new standards and will require oil that meets the industry standard.

Getting a lower quality of oil will damage the engine and will hurt the performance in the long run.

The late-model cars now require a synthetic blend or full synthetic, low viscosity, multi-grade, oil that lessens the friction and reaches for the fuel economy.

The car needs to function normally, that would never happen if it doesn’t receive proper maintenance.

The age of the vehicle will come into play when it is time to change the oil.

Three conditions should be taken into account before an oil change…

  • The Age of The Car
  • Type of Automotive Oil Used
  • Car Driving Conditions

So, How often should you get an oil change? Back in the old days, it was considered normal to change oil for every 3000 miles.

But with modern technology that number has reached a higher number.

Now it is recommended to change your oil between 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

If the car that you own requires full synthetic motor oil, then you have to wait for it to reach 15,000 before you can think about changing the oil.

It used to be harder to determine the time-frequency in oil change with older cars. but the new cars are equipped with the oil-life monitoring system.

This is when the old change light comes on. Which Automatically tells the owner of the oil change is needed.

This will give you a sign to change the oil as soon as possible.

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How Long Does An Oil Change Take

How Long Does An Oil Change Take Car Lover Tips

How long does an oil change take? The entire process of changing the oil will take about 30 to 45 minutes.

The oil needs to change as frequently as possible.

It all depends on the age and size of the car.

The Process here will include draining out the existing oil, changing the oil filter, after that installation of new oil into the engine will be carried out.

Then comes the inspection, everything needs to be at a safe and perfect level.

This will get done by checking on the fluid levels, which include coolant, windshield, whether fluid and brake fluid.

Most auto centers will provide you with top-notch service while you wait for the oil change process.

The time of the process depends on the professional who is looking after the vehicle.

An efficient work environment will get that job done in no time.

Now modern cars are implemented with the latest technology to help the owner with as much information as possible.

It has gotten easier for the driver to know the time of oil change, and when they should consider it for their car.

A quick oil change will not bring any benefits to the car.

I can take the car to places to get a cheap oil change near me that has a reputable mechanic.

I know she will do the job done fast and properly and I will not have to worry about it.

Does the car need to be level for an oil change? Yes. Most cars are designed so that when the oil plug is removed, all the oil will drain out.

Can I drive my car right after an oil change? Yes.

Equipment Needed For An Oil Change

Equipment Needed For An Oil Change Car Lover Tips Hacks

What Equipment is Needed For an Oil Change? If you decide to change the oil yourself there is some equipment that you will need.

Oil Change Equipment Needed

  1. Wrench to remove the drain plug – (1-Amazon)
  2. Oil Filter Wrench to remove the old filter (2-Amazon)
  3. Drain Pan to catch the old oil from the engine (3-Amazon)
  4. Oil Funnel to add oil back into the engine (4-Amazon)
  5. Automotive Oil – Conventional Oil / Synthetic Oil (5-Amazon)
  6. Oil Filter – If you change the oil often Off-Brand Will Work (6-Amazon)
  7. Drain Plug Washer – May/May Not Need Depends on Car (7-Amazon)
  8. Kitty Litter – Have at least one bag handy to clean spills (8-Amazon)
  9. Disposable Latex Gloves – Suggest at least 9mm (9-Amazon)
  10. Car Jack – Please do not use a cheap one (10-Amazon)
  11. Jack Stands – You will need two to keep the car level (11-Amazon)
  12. Box of Shop Rags – Clean tools, wipe hands and spills (12-Amazon)

NOTE: The links above are for Oil Equipment Change found on Amazon. You may or may not need all of the above oil equipment.

For example, I drive Painters Van.  I do not need to Jack-up the van to change the oil.

How To Change The Oil?

How to Change The Oil? A car oil change is not as complicated as one might think.

The process is far more simple and easy to understand.

Daily maintenance of the vehicle is critical for its system.

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You have to follow a simple process to get the entire operation to start.

When it comes to the cost of changing your oil, there are plenty of actors that will help the price or lower it for the customers.

Knowing is the best approach to performing a car oil change and this will save you time.

Steps To Change The Oil

  1. Lift The Car
  2. Check for Oil Leaks
  3. Drain The Oil
  4. Remove the Oil Filter
  5. Replace the Drain Plug
  6. Install New Oil Filter
  7. Verify Proper Oil Level
  8. Recycled The Old Used Oil

We will be discussing the point on How to Change Your Oil in more detail below.

Lift The Car

Lift and Secure The Car Car Lover TipsStep 1 – Lift and Secure The Car.

In the first step, you will need to lift the car high enough to start working with the car.

Lifting it will give you enough space to see what’s under the car.

Most modern cars have a plastic undertray to protect the critical components of the engine.

You will need to remove the cover to get access to the oil pan and oil filter of the care.

They are usually held on with bolts, screws, or clips. You can use your basic hand tools to take it out.

Check for Oil Leaks

Check for engine oil leaksStep 2 – Check for engine oil leaks.

Here you need to check for oil leaks coming from either gaskets, seals, or other engine parts.

You may think it is a waste of time since you are changing the oil.

But finding out if there are any leaks may save your engine from some major damage.

The hood is up, you have your tools, you are there, so might as well take a minute or two to find any leaks.

If you find any oil leaks, then you need to fix the problem before proceeding.

If you are unable to fix the oil leak take your car to a mechanic near you to fix it.

Drain The Oil

Drain the oil from the engine Car Lover TipsStep 3 – Drain the oil from the engine.

Using an oil receptacle, oil drain pan, or oil reservoir you have to first remove the drain plug and then the oil will drain out.

Let me give you a good car tip if you personally have never changed the oil before… Make sure the oil drain pan is sitting slightly away from where you think the oil will come out.

Remember the oil will not all come out straight down.  Your car’s oil reservoir is tilted so that oil will flow out easily.

The minute you take out the drain plug be ready for the flow.  Do not worry if the drain plug falls into the drain pan.

Another mistake people make is by confusing how much oil is stored in the crankcase.

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Most cars will have one gallon of oil stored in them, and some more than one gallon.

You will need to get a container big enough to hold that much oil without spilling it.

Changing The Oil Tip: If you do not have a regular oil drain pan. An old cat litter container would work as well.

Remove the Oil Filter

Remove the Old Oil Filter Car Lover TipsStep 4 – Remove the old oil filter.

You can remove the filter using your hand or oil filter wrench to loosen it.

You will need to turn it counterclockwise to take the oil filter out.

Here you will have to wait until the flow subsides then you can finish removing the filter.

Remove the old gasket so it will not interfere with the new filter installation.

Changing the Oil Tip: Have a box of cat litter nearby to pick up any oil spills that may occur.

Replace the Drain Plug

Step 5 – Replace The Drain Plug.

In this step, you will need to replace the drain plug and tighten it without overdoing it.

Over tightening will cause damage to the oil pan and drain plug.

Both things will add to the cost of the simple oil change.

Changing Oil Tip: Do not replace the drain plug with a ratchet or tool. Start it by hand to make sure is replaced properly, then you can use tools to tighten it.

Install New Oil Filter

Install New Oil Filter Car Lover TipsStep 6 – After this, you will need to add a new oil filter to the engine of your car.

The first thing to do is apply a light coating of oil to create a proper seal for the filter.

When you are installing a new oil filter, make sure you don’t screw it on too hard.

The rule of thumb is that once is hand-tighten… Turn the oil filter a quarter turn and that’s plenty.

After the replacement process, the next thing you have to do is to reinstall the undertray then lower the car back to the ground.

Verify Proper Oil Level

Verify Proper LevelStep 7 – Add the new car oil to the engine.

Using a funnel slowly add the new oil.

From personal experience, add 1 quart of oil and see if there are any leaks.

The Oil gasket, oil filter, or drain plug may develop a leak if there were not installed properly.

Make sure the oil that you add to your car’s engine is the proper weight for your vehicle.

If you are not sure make sure to read your owner’s manual.

Make sure you do not add more oil than the engine requires.

Wait for a few minutes for the oil to settle in.

Use the dipstick to verify the oil is at the proper level.

Recycled The Old Used Car Oil

Recycled The Old Used Car Oil Car Lover TipsStep 8 – Recycled The Old Oil.

Depending on where you live that old engine oil can be recycled.

You can easily do that by funneling the old oil back into the used oil containers.

Some Oil Drain Containers will perform this function, but there is a chance that you will not get it back.

My advice would be to save any gallon container that can be capped and used that to take your old oil to the recycling center.

Some gallon containers that can be used for this are milk, oil, or engine coolant containers.

As far as where to recycle old oil near you I’m not sure in your area.  I know that where I live most auto parts stores, will take the oil and recycle it.

When to Change Your Oil

Car Lover Tips

When to change your oil? Every car is different in its own way, the manufacturer behind the car implemented different specifications when a car oil change gets performed.

You will have to keep track of the odometer or the oil monitoring technology that many vehicles nowadays offer.

You have seen in action if you own a newer car… The Change Oil Light comes on and lets you know that you should schedule a change of oil soon.

Or you can check the owner’s manual that gives you all the information that you need to know about your car and when you will need to change the oil next.

Modern car implementation of an oil counter monitor system helps see the accurate time when a change of oil will be needed soon.

But there are other ways you can check the oil change in your car.

So, you will know it is the right time to take the step in the right direction.

There are clues that you can check to see if your car is ready for an oil change. Some of them are:

Engine making a loud clanging sound.

The smell of oil emitting inside of the car

Filling up the pump for frequent trips

Following up on the clues will give you information about the car and its system.

You can judge the entire situation based on the noise it makes on the road.

Older oil models will hurt the engine and slow down the car.

The engine will also make noises that will further decrease the overall performance of the car.

In these situations, the car will require you to change the oil more often.

The owner must change the oil filter to make the car stronger for challenges on the road.

How Much Is An Oil Change?

How much does an oil change cost Car Lover Tips

How much does an oil change cost? The costs of changing the oil will vary from one location to another.

If you have all the equipment you can do it by yourself as long as you stick to the steps above.

Or you can drive your car up to an auto center near you to have a professional change the oil for you.

You will need all the right oil change equipment before you get started to change your oil. Make sure to follow each step to successfully change your oil.

Oil change cost will depend on…

  • Type of Oil Chosen  – Conventional or Synthetic
  • The Tools Available – Do You Need To Buy Any?
  • Who is Doing The Job? – A mechanic near you or yourself

It is highly recommended for the owner to stick to the manual before committing any changes to the oil quality.

Premium oil doesn’t necessarily bring benefits to all cars. You will need to read the owner’s manual to see which oil is the right fit for the car.

Finding oil change places near me at an affordable price can be challenging, but it is possible.

Types of Oil to Use for An Oil Change

Types of Oil to Use for An Oil Change

What types of old can be used for an oil change? Before You start thinking about changing the oil, you will need to pay attention to the type of oil that you will use on your vehicle.

Currently, there are two types of oil you will find in the market.

  • Conventional Oil
  • Synthetic Oil

Both have different properties, knowing about them will help you make a better decision on which oil to use.

Conventional Oil

What exactly is conventional oil?  According to studentenergy.org “Conventional oil is a term used to describe oil that can be produced (extracted from the ground) using traditional drilling methods.”

So conventional oil is what has been refined from crude oil that has been extracted from the ground.

Synthetic Oil

What exactly is Synthetic oil? According to WikipediaSynthetic oil is a lubricant consisting of chemical compounds that are artificially made. Synthetic lubricants can be manufactured using chemically modified petroleum components rather than whole crude oil, but can also be synthesized from other raw materials. ”

Read about The Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil.

Can You Mix Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

Type of Oil Most People Use

Most people settle with conventional oil as it does the job right without raising the cost.

Changing your oil could be a costly process, if you pick synthetic oil over conventional oil then it would cost more money.

Using conventional oil will provide your car adequate lubrication performance.

Although it is not compared to the performance-boosting synthetic oil, it does the job right.

If you know what type of oil your car needs, then you will be ready to make the oil change without any problem.

The owner needs to know about the model of the car so they will not make any mistakes while changing the oil.

Change The Oil In Older Cars

Changing The Oil In Older CarsWhen to change the oil in older cars? Older cars rely on their mileage for an oil change.

They usually go through two maintenance schedules.

One maintenance is for normal operation and the other one is of severe service.

The server service will only happen if you are operating under these conditions:

  • Short tips 5 miles or less
  • Climate challenges, such as hot, cold, dusty climates
  • Stop-and-go driving
  • Carrying heavy load

If your car goes through these challenges, then it will need to follow severe service.

A rigorous schedule will help you maintain the car in proper order.

If your car doesn’t go through these extreme conditions then it might not be right for the owner to spend outrageous money on oil change service and other maintenance work.

The severity of the driving will play a key role in the next time you need a change of oil service.

You will not have to spend a lot of money if your driving skills are considered standard.

Severe handling of your car will require high maintenance and more frequent oil change services.

But if the engine is making noise, and the car is functioning worse, then you need to put your money on servicing the car.

Either take the car up to a mechanic near you to see through the problem for a proper fix or you can perform the oil change operation by yourself.

Changing The Oil in Newer Cars

Changing The Oil in Newer Cars

When To change the oil in newer cars? In newer cars, if you are frequently driving then you need an oil change every 12 months even if your car has an oil monitoring system (The Oil Change Light Comes On).

Newer cars operate under different systems with a whole new performance tuning.

They are much more informative with their details.

The owner will know everything about the car, which includes when it’s time to change the oil.

If the car needs it then it will notify you with an alert on the instrument panel. The change Oil Light will come on.

Every system is based on time and mileage, but the inclusion of advances designed to take operating conditions into account to make the oil change.

The inclusion of an oil life monitoring system shortens the oil change intervals when it notices heavy-duty operation.

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Many owners eliminate it because in the newer system the interval for change shortens under the new oil life monitoring system.

The oil-life monitoring system needs to be reset after you change the oil.

Turn off the Change Oil Light that comes up on the dashboard.

The process of resetting the oil monitoring system is not difficult at all, you can follow the instructions that are in the owner’s manual to restore the system.

The oil level should be checked every month.

Many engines will use less than a quart of oil in changes, other types of engines may consume 600 to 700 miles.

The owner needs to maintain a proper oil level to avoid high-cost repair which usually comes with the engine wearing out.

Under high performance, maintenance needs to happen every twelve months.

Frequent Oil Changes

Are frequent oil changes better

Are frequent oil changes better? Some service providers are known to recommend shorter oil intervals, most of them after additional charges.

During the inspection to change your oil, the auto center will go through other components of the car, such as brake pads, coolants, tires, and shocks.

That means more money getting out of your wallet into theirs.

It is good for their business to have frequent checks.

Here you will need to stick to the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals.

As most people don’t drive under severe conditions. The risk of failure of any kind slowing down the vehicle is very low.

Modern cars have gotten rid of the problem including an oil monitor to help you know about the change in oil intervals.

Only severe conditions of driving will require frequency in oil change.

Otherwise, you are losing money to a problem that may not exist in your car.

In short, the frequency of changing the oil is good for the car but that depends on the driving environment the car goes through every single day.

If the car deals with heavy climate challenges then everything in the car needs to be inspected every month.

If that is not the case, then you can stick to the owner’s manual to give you the information you need about changing the oil and the frequency details of it.

How Often To Check Oil Level

How Often To Check Oil Level

How often should you check your oil level? You have to check the oil level of the car at least once a month.

The owner of the car must keep an eye on the oil level.

If you see any sort of leakage in the car, then you must get the repairs done as quickly as possible before it damages the car further.

Most people follow the recommendation in the owner’s manual to do the right thing.

Older cars may have all the features of modern cars, but a manual inspection can be done to check the oil level of any car.

Modern cars include electronic oil monitors for a proper check without any issue or going through the owner’s manual.

You need to check for the oil level in a car once a month to ensure everything with the car is fine.

Oil change costs will never be consistent, they will vary greatly based on your location.

Manual Oil Level Inspection

How to perform manual oil level inspectionHow to perform manual oil level inspection? If you’re planning to check on the oil level without the help of electronic oil monitors, then you need to park the car on a leveled ground.

If the engine has been running for a while, then you have to protect yourself first because there are going to be potential hotspots under the hood.

Additionally, there is still oil on the crankcase so your oil reading may be incorrect.

Next, you have to turn off the engine, then open the hood and find the dipstick.

You need to pull the dipstick out then wipe off any oil from its end, after this, you will have to insert the dipstick back into the tube and push it all the way back in.

After some time, you will need to pull the dipstick back and look at both ends of the dipstick to see where the oil ended.

The dipstick will have some signs to give you information about the oil level.

As many dipsticks have two pinholes, the letter L and H, Min or Max. if the oil falls below the minimum mark, then you have to add more oil.

The color of the oil is another sign of its healthiness.

Brown or Black Oil – If the oil color is brown or black then the color is fine.

Light or Milky Oil – If the color pattern has a light or milky appearance then coolant is leaking into the engine.

If you see any metal particles then this would mean that your internal engine has been damaged.

We would suggest that you immediately take your car up to a mechanic near you for further inspection.

Type of Oil Your Car Needs

How to tell the type of oil your car needs? The most important thing that you should know about oil is the thickness or viscosity that your engine requires.

Anything too much will not provide anything to the car or protect the engine in a better way.

If the oil is too thick or thin then it will increase the damage done to the engine.

The car’s manual will tell you to find the right weight of the oil by using a weight counter.

Oil in general has different quality standards. Frequent oil change costs will not benefit most of the cars on the road.

The Society of Automotive Engineers or the American Petroleum Institute lists the recommended standard for the car.

Others have their own standard without following SAE or API standards.

Standard oil will not meet the recommendation of today’s car.

Most of the cars that are made today run on synthetic oil.

For the car owner, it is important to know the right weight of the oil that gets used in the car.

The change of oil needs to meet the minimum required standard for your vehicle.

Best Place to Get an Oil Change

Best Places to Get an Oil ChangeWhere is the best place to get an oil change? Finding the best place near you to get an oil change may be harder than you think.

In any given area there could be many oil change service locations near you.

You need to have some sort of confidence in the place otherwise it will do more harm than good to the car.

This is one of the reasons why some people resort to doing the work by themselves.

There are clues that you can pick to ensure everything is being done in the right order.

If they are not selling anything or providing any product then you can probably trust their judgment.

Selling from the same shop that also works as a service provider is a big red flag in the books of many people.

If you don’t want to deal with any of that hassle, then you can take up the work by yourself and change the oil yourself by gathering all the tools you need for the work.

This will be a bit messier at first, but you will be able to perform oil change without any effort after a while.

It can be very difficult to find an honest mechanic, there are plenty of crooked ones in the market that will try various tricks to make you pay more money for a problem that doesn’t exist.

You will never know if they are putting the right type of oil in your car.

If you want to be on the safer side of things then you will have to take the work by yourself.

You can check out oil change places like Walmart Oil Service or The Jiffy Lube Oil Service below if you wish.

Avoid Oil Change Scams

Watch this video by CBC News that talk about Oil Change Scams.

I’m not trying to scare you, just want you to be aware of the possibilities.

The most common oil change scams to avoid are

  1. The 3,000 Mile Oil Change Scam
  2. Selling You More Then What You Need Scam
  3. Paying For a Service That Is Not Performed Scam
  4. Using Cheaper Oil Scam

1. The 3,000 Mile Oil Change Scam

This happens when the technician tells you that every car needs an oil change every 3,000 miles.

That may be true for older cars but is not so true with newer cars that used synthetic oil.

Newer cars can go 6,000 to 12,000 miles between oil changes.

The trick to avoiding this scam is to read your owner’s manual and see how often you need to have an oil change service.

Your owner’s manual could save you lots of money by informing you of what service you actually need to be performed on your car and when.

2. Selling You More Then What You Need Scam

This is most commonly known as an UPSELL!  This means that you show up to get an oil change and they try to add other services to your bill.

Usually, the mechanic will inspect your car before the oil change.

Then let you know of other services that can be done. It may come in the form of a suggestion or advice to get the service done.

Services like brake fluid service, transmission service, air filter replacement.

The trick is to stick to your guns… You ONLY came here for an oil change and nothing else.

Again your owner’s manual has a wealth of information available to you.

3. Paying For a Service That Is Not Performed Scam

This is a tad hard to see if you have been scammed or not.  You paid for an oil change.

You should at the very least have a brand new oil filter and new oil in your car’s engine.

To test this I would wait till I get home, park on level ground, wait for the engine to cool, and check the oil level and the color.

The oil should be golden brown and it should be at the right level for your car.

As far as the oil filter, if you can see it from the engine, it should look new.

This may or may not work since a good scrubbing and cleaning will make most oil filters shine like new.

4. Using Cheaper Oil

This particular oil change scam I think is the worst of all four.

For Example,  Your car requires a particular oil Synthetic, and it is recommended you get 5w-30 for your engine.

Well in this scam you will get conventional oil because it is cheaper.

Now it may not destroy your engine as you drive out of the service bay.

But over time your engine will get more wear and tear because it does not have enough protection that the right oil would provide.

There is really no way to check for this scam. I don’t think?! If you are reading this and know of a way would you please let us know in the comments below.

Walmart Oil Change Service

Image source: oilchangecouponspro.com

How much does an oil change at Walmart cost? As I was trying to find places to get a cheap oil change near me.  I remember seeing an oil change service at a Walmart.

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Walmart has many departments, they are also known to provide various services, and one of them is an auto care center.

They are known to provide tire, battery, engine, fuel, and oil services.

Oil change prices at Walmart are pretty cheap and that attracts a large number of customers to their auto service facilities.

How much does an oil change at Walmart cost?

  • Pit Crew Oil Service – $19.88
  • Standard Oil Service – $29.88
  • High Mileage Oil Service – $39.88
  • Power & Performance Oil – $49.88
  • Affordable Oil Changes at Walmart

Please note that the oil change prices listed above are subject to change.  Oil Change Prices may also vary by location.

We will learn more about these oil-changing services at Walmart below.

Affordable Oil Changes at Walmart

Affordable Oil Changes at WalmartThe affordable cost of the oil change prices is what makes Walmart an ideal place for an oil change for most people.

Customers are left with countless reasons to go for Walmart than any other department.

If You take a look at the auto centers in the US, you will find around 25000 auto centers available for people.

If need to change the oil soon you can always find a Walmart near you.

They also run plenty of discounts where you can get Walmart oil change coupons easily and save plenty of money using their services.

You can google Walmart oil change coupons to see more information about this topic.

The discounts will help you find a better deal at your next Walmart Oil Change.

Pit Crew – $19.88

Here you will get 5 quarts of Quaker State® Advanced Durability™ motor oil, you will also get a new oil filter, chassis lubrication, battery performance check, and tire pressure adjustment.

Standard – $29.88

It includes all the services of the Pit Crew oil changing services.

High Mileage  – $39.88

The package contains all the services of Pit Crew Oil changing service, it also includes GM Dexos-compliment semi-synthetic oil.

Power & Performance – $49.88

Here you will get all the services of the Pit Crew Services along with a Full-synthetic change of oil for modern vehicles.

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Service

How much does an oil change at a jiffy lube cost? A variety of factors do play a role in setting up the oil prices at Jiffy Lube.

The cost is one of the things that will not be consistent in the state, city, and town.

It will be more likely to change between regions. It is better to investigate and do some research on these subjects to get an accurate picture of the pricing details.

Some states will have higher costs due to the heavier demand from people.

The other factors will be the type of lubricants and brand.

Jiffy Lube offers Conventional, Synthetic oil changes. This section will cover the average pricing details of oil change at Jiffy Lube.

  • Conventional – $39.99
  • High Mileage $60.99
  • Synthetic Blend -$64.99
  • Full Synthetic -$76.99
  • Full Synthetic with Hyper Cleansing – $89.99

Are there any Jiffy Lube Discount Coupons? Jiffy Lube offers discounts coupons that will have the pricing drastically.

You will need to visit the website as often as possible to seek out the details of the oil change price.

You might be able to grab the best promotional offer that will give you a huge discount on your next scheduled oil change.

If oil service stations face a slow business day, they will run promotions and specials to lure people into the store.

You can use the jiffy lube oil change coupon to get more discounts on the oil price tags.

It is highly recommended to visit their website as often as possible to get as much information about the coupon topic.

This will save you thousands of dollars based on your driving record.

Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil

What’s The Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil? It can be difficult to know, but one thing that everybody knows about synthetic oil is that it is more expensive than conventional oil.

There is a reason why this is the case, as synthetic oils are more highly refined and will last longer than the traditional conventional oil.

The refined quality of synthetic oil has its perks that come very helpful to the engine.

As it increases the overall performance of the vehicle. This is the reason why high-performance vehicles always use synthetic oil change rather than traditional conventional oil.

This doesn’t necessarily translate to synthetic oil being used on all cars. Not all cars will benefit from using synthetic oil.

It is highly important to ask the question of whether your car will take any advantage of using synthetic oil.

Most of the cars that are on the road today are much more suited to handle conventional oil.

You can take a look at your owner’s manual to see if conventional or synthetic oil is the right fit for your car.

Whenever you think your car is ready to have its oil changed, you need to look at the manual to see which type of oil will meet your vehicle’s requirements.

A synthetic oil change will provide:

  • Chemically Stable
  • Last much longer
  • Stable in qualities
  • Less likely to acidify

In short, synthetic oil is being used to provide far more superior engine protection and performance than conventional motor oil.

Changing Your Synthetic Oil

How often should you change your synthetic oil? Synthetic oil is made of high-quality base oil, most of the time they will have additives to create the final product that gets used in the high-end vehicle.

Compared to the traditional conventional oil, a synthetic oil change will provide much better protection to the car’s engine. Most high-end vehicles use synthetic oil.

In a short answer, you will need to change synthetic oil for every 7,500 to 15,000 miles depending on the vehicle and the brand of synthetic oil that gets used when changing the oil.

You can always depend on your owner’s manual to give you the right information about the proper intervals of an oil change.

When you think it is time to change the oil, you will need to schedule an appointment with the auto center near you. As there are more than hundreds of them in every state.

Knowing about this information will help any owner to turn the car back to normal.

Does Synthetic Oil Last Longer

Does Synthetic Oil Last Longer than Conventional? If you take a look at the statistics, it clearly says that synthetic motor oil has longer intervals between oil changes.

Many factors come into play when you take a look into the integral time.

One of them is the brand of oil that gets used when you change the oil.

Some brands recommend the oil change to be done between 3000 to 5000 miles.

Some steps can be followed to make sure the car gets awesome treatment.

And others will have their recommended number at 7,500 to 20,000 miles.

Other factors include the timer between an oil change, driving conditions, and the style of driving. They all will play a role in making the oil last longer.

It is always important to read the owner’s manual to see if your vehicle is still covered under warranty.

Make sure to take your vehicle frequently oil changes if you are switching to synthetic motor oil.

Usage of conventional oil will probably have the engine filled with deposits and sludge.

Mixing Conventional Oil With Synthetic Oil

Can you mix Conventional oil with synthetic oil? It is not recommended to mix conventional oil with synthetic oil.

They have very different properties, mixing them might not be a good idea and it wouldn’t benefit the engine in any shape or form.

It will further damage the vehicle, if you accidentally mixed these both types of oil then you will need to head to the service center to fix up the vehicle and prevent damage from spreading.

It is not recommended to make synthetic oil change working alongside conventional.

The mix of these oils may or may not work well for your car.so it’s better to avoid it.

Online Oil Change Coupons

Online Oil Change Coupons
Are there any online oil change coupons? There are plenty of websites that provide coupons to change your oil at a discount.

With different varieties to allure customers or new customers to their organization.

They also provide bonuses to a specific group of people.

People in the military will have to show their credentials to get active benefits from the websites.

Most of the websites will give you Text or email offers for the next time you need to change your oil.

You can print them on your desktop to obtain the coupon.

Normally businesses with a longer track record will provide these reward schemes to attract customers from walks of life.

It is rather easy, the only thing you have to do is to hit their website and follow the guidelines that they have set up just for the coupons or any sort of rewards they have on the site.

Do some research and follow the steps to get a coupon on your own.

Information About An Oil Change

There is plenty of information about an oil change and the cost of changing your oil.

It all depends on the wonder of deciding on the oil change. Most especially what kind of oil they want to use in their car.

Unless your car goes through difficult challenges, you need to look into the full synthetic version of the oil.

But if the car goes out once a week, you will need to consider the inclusion of Conventional oil.

The owner has to choose between conventional oil and synthetic oil.

While they both have their fair share of benefits, you will need to consider which one of them is the right fit for your car.

Here the owner’s manual will come in very handy in picking the right machine for the product.

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